What Your Girlfriend Fantasizes About You Will Put You In Erotic State Of Mind!

What Your Girlfriend Fantasizes About You Will Put You In Erotic State Of Mind!

What your girlfriend fantasizes about you, Man and woman…

Men and women are made for each other.

It is said that whenever men think about women, they think about sex and vice versa. However, it may not be true. We have researched and came to the conclusion that whenever women think about men, they think about erotic romance.

Let’s see What your girlfriend fantasizes about you !

What your girlfriend fantasizes about you

01).   Your girl friend fantasizes you hug and kiss on her forehead whenever you meet


02).   Your girl friend fantasizes you gift her roses and chocolates every day


03).   Your girl friend fantasizes you tell her – I love you – as many times as possible


04).   Your girl friend fantasizes you send her Good Morning and Good Night messages


05).   Your girl friend fantasizes you keep in touch with her every hour


06).   Your girl friend fantasizes you display your affection in public


07).   Your girl friend fantasizes you love her so much that nobody loved anybody


08).   Your girl friend fantasizes you cuddle her like a baby


09).   Your girl friend fantasizes about getting drunk with you ONLY


10).   Your girl friend fantasizes you cook and feed her


11).   Your girl friend fantasizes about watching porn film with you and repeats REEL to REAL


12).   Your girl friend fantasizes you massage her body spiritually in candle lit Jacuzzi room


13).   Your girl friend fantasizes about making love more and having sex less


14).   And finally, your girl friend fantasizes that she is most beautiful woman of the world. You think for her, you talk for her, and you live for her.


What your girlfriend fantasizes about you  – If you think of any other erotic fantasy, please let us know in comment box.