What Your Girlfriend Say v/s What She Means

What girlfriend says

What girlfriend says – A woman is easy to understand only if she says what she really means. Ironically, this state is tricky to achieve and thus makes thing quite complicated.

Many a times, you will come across  the situations when, what your girlfriend says isn’t what she means and then it’s your call to understand what she wants from you, not what she is asking for.

Here are some of those situations What girlfriend says, you can relate to:

What girlfriend says –

I am fine:

No she is not. Trust me, the moment she says, she is fine and don’t need your help, she needs the most. She wants you to play the role of her knight in shining armor and rescue her from, if not harsh, atleast unfavourable circumstances. So for the next time, if this happens, let her know you care for her and will stand by her no matter what’s the matter.

She is mean:

When she calls your female friend mean and advice you to take care about it, she isn’t just informing you, rather warning you to maintain a safe distance with her.

I’m sick:

Obviously if any of your friend is sick, you would ask them to visit a doctor and take the prescribed medicines on time. But when your girlfriend says she is sick, she want you to pay her special attention, drop all your work at the moment and call her. Ask her 5 W’s and 1 H for her sickness and if possible take her to the doctor as well.

What girlfriend says

My parents are out:                                                                                                     

Often girls are shy and they hesitate to take the first move. In that case, they are smart enough to give you hints and want you to take to first step. If she says her parents are out, probably she wants you to visit her or make a hangout plan, in case of long distance relationship, she is probably indicating for a video call or some quality time. Don’t miss such chances, it makes them mad.

What girlfriend says

Things are not working:

This is a big time, red alert for you, if she says ‘things are not working between us’ she is not only warning you about the shallowness of your relationship but giving you a knock before she breakup.

What girlfriend says

Discussing how important it is to stay fit:

Many times you can’t tell people what you are expecting from them, all you can do is to cheer them towards that thing. Be it regarding health, fitness, career or even their work. When she discuss often about how important it is to stay fit and healthy, she is probably expecting you to work out or do some gymming.

What girlfriend says

What girlfriend says – As they say, men will be men, so goes to their beautiful counterpart, women. Though it make things quite tricky for a boy to know what exactly his girl is demanding, yet that itself is a part of relationship. In a relationship, be it years old or fresh as bud, partners grow and try to understand  each other. What is most needed is patience over sleepless nights and phone calls. Mutual consent is always crucial to make it happen, as promised ‘Together-Forever’.

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