Big Boss 11 Has A New Concept Again Which Will Turn To Be More Controversial !

Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 – Big Boss, the one favourite reality show is here set to host out the new season 11. Known for its own set of twists and turns, controversies here is something of that sort.

Last year all us were glued to TV thanks to “OM Ji” and his controversial acts.  The new season of this reality show .i.e., Bigg Boss 11 is all set, but this time with a whole new concept they say.

It is also said that this season is said to have new concept built-in for the housemates and that this is gonna be controversial one.

But what could this really be like?! 

As per reports, season is gonna set up two teams and deploy them each in two big boss houses. It was also reported that both commoners and celebs are gonna live in two separate houses. But how are they going to interact then, how is all the drama gonna start. Well, sounds interesting, though. If this is really gonna come true on the show, we all get to see two houses which means full too entertainment. I really wonder what could be the spicy elements that are gonna set the show on fire.

Known for the ‘Celebs Vs Commoners’, this season Bigg Boss 11 we also get to hear that they are gonna be ‘couple entries’. Now you must all be thinking what this is?! The commoners, who enter individually, are now set to enter in pair, be it siblings; man and wife; and others.  Now starts the fun 😉 Lol !

And about the contestants that includes both celebs and commoners. Very well, In Bigg Boss 11, it is abuzz that Vikrant Singh, Niti Taylor and Abhishek Malik will be up on the show with many others including the internet sensation Dinchak Pooja, hottie,  Nia Sharma, etc might be part of Big Boss 11.

So Bigg Boss 11 with Salman Khan as the host with a different theme for the time along with the other spiced up elements are going to make the watch more exciting and worth it!!

For now mark the date September 24thand wait for the fun to start. Fingers crossed, wait is on and then you’l be right there 😉

Good Day!!

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