What Kind Of Relationships Never Work?

Relationships Never Work

Believe it or not, there are different types of relationships that people deal with.

Some are really good for a person to be in while on the other hand, some just cannot work in any way. So, what kind of relationship never works?

Well, that’s the question a lot of people have in their mind and we have finally found some of those relationships that won’t work.

Here, are some of the relationships never work:

Relationships never work –

1. Where one has the upper hand

Any relationship where one is superior over the other one will never work. If you are in a relationship, it’s all about understanding each other, listening to each other’s opinions and then making decisions collectively that benefit both of you.

2. Where one is ambitious and one is not

I have seen a lot of relationships destroying in front of me because one person was super ambitious and the other one was just too carefree. Now, these relationships never work out because one person is not able to understand why the other person is so crazy over his career and not giving time to love. Well, it sucks.

3. Where one is emotionally unavailable

Now, you must be thinking that how a person who is emotionally unavailable can be in a relationship, right? Actually, such people are in a relationship just for the sake of it but that becomes a reason for their breakups too. It really doesn’t work guys no matter what.

4. Where one has endless friends and the other has none

In such cases the problem is priority. When someone has no friends, you will always be the first priority but for the other person, there are just so many other people who matter too. The difference of lifestyle becomes a huge problem in such relationships.

5. Open Relationships

A lot of people say that open relationships are cool as people have the opportunity to go around and not get bored. But in reality, as soon as your partner starts sleeping around with more people, you get jealous and end up finishing that relationship. So, don’t even try.

If you are in any such relationship and it is going strong, then I must say that you are very lucky. But on the other hand if that’s not the case, get rid of it.

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