Don’t Make These 6 Fashion Mistakes At Workplace!


Most of the women are cautious about their workplace look and manage themselves well while in office.

But some seem like the brand ambassadors of fashion and makeup brands.

We all know that looking presentable at work is absolutely necessary. After all, how you carry your clothes and your idea of style often speaks a lot about you as a person and as a professional too. While at the workplace, it is imperative that you don’t commit any fashion blunders, especially as far as your wardrobe, your accessories and your makeup are concerned.

Here is a detailed list of fashion mistakes at workplace and be the sensible diva with professional ethics at work!

  1. Say A Strict No To Excessive, Heavy And Big Chunky Jewellery

While heavy jewellery that can completely transform your appearance, but it is definitely for work hours. It distracts, it is uncomfortable to work with and it makes too much noise for a working room.  If you love wearing too much jewellery, keep it for your nights out on the town. Dainty jewellery pieces can work wonders as a part of your work wardrobe. They’ll not only create a statement, but also go perfectly with your work wear attire. A delicate gold or silver chain and studs in your ears can work across a number of ensembles.


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