7 Foods That Make You Smell Bad!

Foods that make you smell bad

Foods that make you smell bad – Body odour is an awfully susceptible issue for many of us. At workplace, parties, or at the open; body odour needs to be addressed since our persona is on the line.

We spend hundreds of bucks on perfumes and deodorants so that we can smell better and prevent sweating but at the same time also fail to understand that we are on the wrong path of preventing sweating which is a significant function of the body.

Sweating is absolutely necessary in order to calm your body and eject toxins from your system, and when you use deos to block your pores, one is inviting ill-health and sickness.

So in case of depending on artificial ways to lessen body odour, one can look upto the foods that we eat to smell good and stay fresh all day long.

So here’s a list of Foods that make you smell bad – should be left alone when they make you smell bad:

Foods that make you smell bad –

Red meat
One that contains tons of calories, red meat is difficult to digest and often lies inactive in your digestive system. At that’s when this undigested food decays in the body, it releases toxins and foul-smelling gases which in turn forms flatulence and sweat that smells bad.


Garlic might scare away the vampires on the movie screens but it the real world, it stinks as well. The stench can scare away anyone near to you when it throws out from your pores due to the breakdown of allicin into allin, a sulphur compound.


Yes the onions! Not only they make you teary eyed but this veggie is also known to be an offensive odour give off. The indisputably bold flavour of onions is due to the pungent oils they contain and when consumed, these oils sop up into your bloodstream, leak into your lungs and voila, you have a bad foul breath! Warning: do not eat it raw.


Chewing gum
Grazing on a gum might be useful for a variety of reasons but do not opt for a sugar-free gum! Why? Because our body does not completely absorb the low calorie sweeteners like sorbitol and when bacteria acts on the intestine, it causes a build-up of gases which leads to burping and farting.


Fried and baked foods
Think before chomping on those French fries! These fats and oils rich foods become stale with the passage of time and leads to a poor digestion in our body leading to burping and farting.


A cuppa coffee is also the reason for bad breath since Coffee the acidity in this beverage is much higher than that of human saliva. Thus, make sure to have a clove or mint after sipping on the hot cup.


Sweaty pants and shirts after a long night at a party or a night club just because you boozed up night long! Alcohol is also a villain in smelling bad since it makes us sweat and emit foul breath.


These are the Foods that make you smell bad –

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