Here Are The Hilarious Ways To Deal With A Senior Hitting On You In The Office

Ways to deal with seniors

Ways to deal with seniors – Love has set booby-traps everywhere and no one knows who will be the prey and when, says the legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore, not us.

So, judging by that logic, it is extremely natural for a senior person to have a crush on you, but not necessarily you will have to be reciprocal to his feelings because he perhaps is way too old or middle-aged for your taste. But then, you have to do this tight rope-walk between saving your job and not hurting his ego. He looks all love-struck and talks in a mellowed voice all of a sudden to you and you don’t figure out how to exorcise his Romeo demon.

Whoa! Ways to deal with seniors – humour is the cure for everything and why leave your job when you can deal with his infatuation by the below mentioned ways:

Ways to deal with seniors –

1 – You ask more questions about his wife:

Remind him that he may be your boss but his boss awaits him back home so in case if he is wearing his philanderer’s hat, you give he shallow hint that the news may reach her any minute.

2 – Deal with him the HR way:

Reporting him to the HR will scared the casanova out of him. Walk up to the HR and right away report him. This will kill the snake with your stick unharmed.

3 – Pass him the number of some massage parlours:

This hopeless philander just wants to get laid because he must be lacking the carnal fun in his married life. So what best you can do to help him is to pass some numbers of the nearby massage parlours that offer ‘extra’ services for extra money.

4 – Show him the movie ‘Aitraaz’:

Or ‘The Indecent Proposal’ or ‘Hate Story 3’ just make sure he gets the message that unsolicited advances towards women working as his sub-ordinates lead to tragic downfall of the men in power. The concept was reverse in ‘Aitraaz’ but the message was same. Make sure he gets your point.

5 – Wear ‘Burkha’ to office:

We know it wouldn’t still dissuade him but this will be your defence mechanism to save yourself from the piercing and measuring glances of him that make you feel awkward every now and then. Being stripped nude visually is creepy, so wear your armour.

6 – Crack gentle jokes on his bloated tummy:

Of course you can’t anger him so playfully crack soft jokes on his tummy to remind him he is unfit and you are way out of his league. This will be a slap on his face without body contacts.

These are the ways to deal with seniors – If he still his brazen, the girl you are left with no choice but to walk up to him and ask to stay put. He is a pathological flirt and needs to be taught a lesson. Why not you be the first? Don’t forget who you are and he will not forget too.

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