Flirty Ways To Impress Your Crush Through WhatsApp And Make Him Fall

Flirty ways to impress crush

Flirty ways to impress crush – Having a crush on someone and looking for ways to impress him and make him fall for you.

Well, lucky that we all have the social media to our advantage. It is quite simple to approach a person in the modern-day world.The new applications that pop-up every single day, are making the communication easier and hassle-free.

One such application is the world’s favorite ‘WhatsApp’. It is so simple to get in touch with your crush, by just having his number.

Here, are some Flirty ways to impress crush through the use of WhatsApp – will help you impress your crush and make him fall for you.  Check them out.

Flirty ways to impress crush – 

  1. Use the different emojis to your advantage

The emojis are really of great advantage to us, as they convey a lot of emotions easily. Use them in great deal, even in conveying the simplest thing to him. Let the emojis talk.

  1. Remember, to never bug him with a continuous row of texts

Wait for the reply instead of bugging him with continuous messages. Remember it will for sure have an negative perception about you on the mind of the person. So, careful.

  1. Keep complimenting occasionally

Compliment him and let him blush. Compliment for something sensible and not for every random thing that come in the way.

  1. Keep the conversation on, till you get nothing to speak of😉

Talk! Talk! And talk! Till you are lacking words. Talk about yourself and know about him. Exchange ideas and ideologies. In simple, get to know him well.

  1. Find out his various achievements and appreciate to their surprise

Make good efforts in finding out his various achievements from his friends. Surprise him by complimenting him for every achievement of his.

  1. Voice clips for special messages

Make a cute, adorable video clip of yours and send him. Make a video that you are bored AF and whether you can get to hang out with him.

  1. Use of humor in the style of texting

Be jovial and add a pinch of humor to the way of texting. Let him know that you are a super cool person to have.

  1. Video chat at times

Video calls, you see.For more and more of talking. But before you make a video call to him, be sure and ask him out if he is interested.

  1. Selfies can get in wonders

Click on beautiful, cute, hot, naughty selfies and keep sharing them with him. You get to know what he thinks of you.

  1. Keep it simple and honest.

Let all this be simple and honesty. Don’t take things too seriously. As you can’t guess or decide what he thinks of you.

These are flirty ways to impress crush – Little, but effective ways that can help you in impressing your crush and make him feel for you. It is also to be remembered that texting should be kept simple and not too flirty. Make sure that you don’t bug the person and wait for him to reply.

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