Unusual Things Crazy In Love Couples Do That Are Usual For Them

Crazy In Love Couples

Crazy in love couples go crazy, that’s literally.

Lovers, especially long term couples, go on a different trail which for many seem absurd and out of world and quite strange especially for singles.

But the thing is they are quite comfy with each other and of course madly in love.

Let us have a look at some on what unusual things couples do that look weird but are actually normal.

Crazy in love couples –

  1. Having Bizarre conversations that people can’t even imagine

From dreams to unimaginable situations to future to what not there are plenty of absurd topics couples can have.

Couple Icecream

  1. Wear Couple Tees and Same Colored Clothes

Madly deeply love is mirrored from same tee or couple tees of duos out there.Many have even tried each other’s clothes too. They do these weird things sometimes when they are not even drunk.


  1. Weird nick names that can drive people nuts

Terms of endearment are common thing. Every couple would agree that they give each other pet names. Common pet names like honey, babe, and darling are used in public. Some couples go for weirder names like booboo, pumpkin munchkin and the likes that they cannot call out them in front of everyone. We all want them to refer each other with such names in private only to avoid “that awkward moment”.


  1. You inspect each other for random ailments…

From random body hairs, to checking any rash or marks to other bodily growths couples go further as they love to take care of each other so much that for us it may sound very uncomfortable but again that’s common for them.


  1. Some share things that normal people will never understand.

Sharing is caring we all know that. But some couples have taken this to next level. Many use each other’s toothbrush too. Some share showers too. It may sound very weird but for many couples this is quite common.


  1. They also have code language.

Some duos have secret language that is not that easy for us to decipher. Their texts or body language is enough for them to communicate easily while we just can scratch our head if we ever see them talking in code lingo. They will keep code words to refer something or some situations.


  1. Do some atypical stuff.

Some couples will text each other even they are sitting in front of each other. They are ok to fart or dig nose in front of their partner. Yea sounds disgusting but that’s true.


All Crazy in love couples will surely relate to these things.Are you too one such crazy couple who do all these weird little things? We know you are nodding.

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