5 Ways To Convince Your Parents That You Are Not Ready For Marriage!

Ways To Convince Your Parents

“Ways To Convince Your Parents”

First of all, convincing parents is the most difficult thing to do.

Well, you must’ve observed or even experienced the struggle of convincing parents when you really don’t want to get married. Sometimes parents just don’t get it and they want their children to get married once they complete 25 years of their life. Agree?

No matter how hard you keep trying; they start finding a partner for you and at one point it really get’s irritating.

Well currently are they forcing you to get married? If yes then use these simple formulas to convince ‘em and live happily.

For others who are yet to experience the forcible act-Read on these ways to convince your parents because you might need ‘em.

  1. Sit and discuss your problems

They heard that you don’t want to get married but their question is (why?) And you must explain them the reason behind your big decision. All you need to do is sit with them and discuss why you don’t want to get married.

And frankly parents understand when their children share things with them. So just do it.

  1. Listen what they’ve to say and then React

Parents can come up with many ideas and thus be careful when you sit and talk with them. Let them finish their point first and later continue with your point but also make sure that you don’t act arrogantly.

React calmly.

  1. Tell your future career plans

Once you’re done discussing the main reason behind delaying your marriage plans; convince ‘em about it. I mean, tell them what your career plans are and also prove ‘em that you can’t take the marriage responsibility so fast.

In short; create a scenario where they start to feel you’re doing perfectly right.

  1. Be realistic

Being realistic is a must while convincing ‘em. If you want to stay single forever then tell ‘em; if you want to get married when you’re 30-35 years old then tell ‘em bout it.

Make sure you don’t keep anything secret otherwise the topic will keep coming up.

  1. Figure out things now

Once you’re done; make sure you cover everything so that they don’t come up with it the next day. Instead of relaxing later; figure out how will you sort out everything that you told them and also be in limelight so they see that you’re working towards what you said.

Good Luck.

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