Holi Special: 9 Essential Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair This Holi

Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair During Holi

Holi-the carnival of colors is here and we couldn’t be happier as many of us await this exciting time of the year where in we can have loads of fun, meet and play with kith and kin and relish sweet meats.

And this year the fun is more as people are not opting for dry Holi by avoiding criminal wastage of water as well as this Holi has brought good long weekend.

But this joyous Holi and its colors should not bog you down, instead arm yourselves with some tips and tricks.

As  you gear up to celebrate and drench yourself in the sea of colors, here some very basic yet vital Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair During Holi that will save you from the damaging colors.

Pre Holi Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair During Holi Festival

Be prepared to fight the harsh colors of Holi as well easily so that you can indulge in the festival with joy and not worries.

1… Oil As Great Barrier

The best way to take care of your hair is by applying good layer of oil. Why? This will help you from the effects of chemicals that colors have.

2… Petroleum jelly To rescue

You can use petroleum jelly to save your skin from chemicals of colors and also it helps wash off colors easily and will guard your kin by not allowing colors to penetrate the skin. Do not forget to apply petroleum jelly over your lips, behind the ears and under your nails and other sensitive skin areas.

3…. Covered Clothes

Girls can go for light hued salwar kameez with full sleeves and guys for Full sleeved Shirt or Kurta as this will prevent colors deposits directly on skin more.

4… Organic Colors

It is best to use organic colors as it may hardly damage your skin and hair.

5… Nail paints to hide ugly stains

Make sure you paint your nails so that remnants of colors will not stay with nail enamels.

Post Holi Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair During Holi Festival

People mostly use toxic colors and we can’t even say no on this day, so its better to fight off the stains by following the below mentioned tips after the Holi party.

6… Wash off the colors

After your holi party, do not forget to wash your self with loads of water and soap. Do not bleach, shave, wax or go for facials for few days.

7… Tackle left over blots with the help of lemon and lotion

Use lemon wedges to get rid of leftover color spots. And later slather generous amounts of cleansing lotion, let it sit for 10 minutes or so, and wipe off with towel. If you do not trust any lotions then  you can use olive oil with cotton to remove colours.

8… Take care of you eyes

If your eyes feel itchy, then do not smear and scratch them instead wash them with cold water first. Immediately consult doctor if irritation  persists.

9… Hair treatment

Deeply cleanse and condition your hair after the party. Apply a hair mask after 2-3 days to treat the damage done to your hair texture.

Follow Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair During Holi so that you have only best memories of the festival!

Happy Holi And Have A Safe Holi!

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