Your Guy is True Gentleman If He Does These Things

True Gentleman

True Gentleman – Girl, if you have watched Gone With The Wind more than once and memorized dialogues, then we believe you would kill for having a true gentleman as your mate.

We would laud this because not many women can differentiate between half-wits and gentlemen. Not entirely their fault, because most of their affairs are impulse-driven than love. Then there are guys you meet on social dating apps sending you sexual innuendos and asking you to ‘hang-out’ which will end up in sex, obviously.

If you hold a contempt for those, here is a checklist as to know if your guy is a true gentleman:

He maintains hygiene:

Girls rue the decision of having guys who would fart like it’s glorious. That’s downright incongruous if I may add. You would rather want to have a guy who hasn’t chipped nails and dirty nose hair and takes care of his personal hygiene.

He is fine blend of swag and sophistication:

Which raises a point that he is hard working, in both his personal and professional lives. Well, the main testimony of his sophistication in that regard would be the fact that he doesn’t brag about his success.

His jokes are not garish:

People who trade slapstick jokes may score initially with women but that fame won’t persist. Instead, there are guys whose intelligent one liners that keep you amused are keepers.

He is articulate:

He is open and clear about his emotions and doesn’t wait for three days if he really likes you. He will do honest efforts to sweep you off your feet nd only will bring out the best of you in the process.

He lets you know if he wants to see you again:

Well, he has his personal judgments because he has earned the standard so if he likes you, he will make no delays in telling you that he wants to see you back. Also, you will never receive any second class treatment from him.

He is smart:

The thumb rule of being smart and keeping smart nowadays is to read a lot and become knowledgeable. He will read a lot of newspapers and books so that you will never run out of topics and the conversation will always be alive with him. He will be opinionated which is really sexy. Also, you will not necessarily have to agree to all his ideas to bolster his faux masochism, he will be flexible to contradictions and arguments.

He opens doors for you:

I know, I know, you are going awww already. But that is true. A true gentleman will accord the respect to his lady that she truly deserves.

A guy who is a true gentleman will be a magnet to good hearts. He will not have to jump over hoops to impress someone. So, one should wait for true love and develop one’s personality in the due course.

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