8 Things You Can Do To Make Your Crush Notice You

tips that will make your crush notice you

Having a crush on someone is like one of the best feelings in the world.

Whether it is in school, college or at work, you feel like going to that place everyday and make a few attempts so that your crush notices you.

Sometimes, you succeed at your efforts and end up winning their heart and other times, you miserably fail due to lack of guidance.

So, why not be prepared in your attempts to make your crush notice you?

Need help? Here are 8 tips that will make your crush notice you.

Tips that will make your crush notice you

  1. Do not keep staring at them

By staring at someone you really like continously and everytime they are around, you make them feel uncomfortable. I know you feel like looking at them all the time, but it’s actually making you look like a weirdo in front of them.

  1. Try to get in their acquaintance

If that person is not conected to you or if you are a complete strange for that person, then you first need to begin with making acquaintance. Find out if you have a common friend, interest or a place and try getting in touch with them through that.

  1. Be friends first

If you want your crush to notice you well, don’t start flirting with them right in he beginning. Instead, try to become good friends and try to know them more than you already do.

  1. Observe their interests

One of the best ways to impress a person is by observing their likes and dislikes and then surprising them by telling them on different occassions. For example, you can figure out their favourite food and take them somewhere you find that particular item very tasty.

  1. Become a good listener

Make that person feel like you are very interested in knowing them and hear their stories as much as you can. Everyone needs a listener in life, and a person who listens to you is always important.

  1. Wear what they find attractive

Believe it or not, people do find other people attractive as per a particular choice of styling that they like. If you are able to figure out what kind of style they prefer and you can adapt it with ease, then it’s your best shot.

  1. Express your interest gradually

You need to express your feelings towards them slowly and gradually so that they notice it comfortably. Do not put it on them altogether because you really can’t afford to lose them in one shot.

These are the tips that will make your crush notice you – Now that you know what you can do to make your crush notice, go there and give your best shot!

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