Your Car is Useless if it Does Not Have These 6 Safety Features!

Car manufacturers try to lure customers by advertising some high-end specifications, which are of use to only a handful. It is on the buyer to decide which specs are useful and which are not.

With the festive season round the corner, many car enthusiasts have plans to buy a new coupe.

The car manufacturers look geared up too, with many new launches lined up for the last quarter of the year.

These companies promise the best of features, making it confusing for the buyer to choose the best car available in India.

Which features are indispensable in a car? – This is the most pertinent question when buying a vehicle.  While some features are avoidable and shelling out extra on them is a waste of money, there are some others which are essential.

We discuss the top 6 important safety features every car must have:

Keyless Entry:

This is one of the most common features of a car today. The car owner may open the vehicle with the help of a remote. Keyless entry into a car is useful when the driver is in a hurry to get into the four-wheeler, especially during emergencies. 

Anti-lock Brakes System (ABS): 

ABS helps in preventing wheel lock-up and it automatically modulates the pressure of the brake at the time of an emergency stop. The driver can easily control the steering and stop the car immediately. This feature is of great use while driving on slippery surfaces. 

Car Sensors:

Parking sensors alert the driver of obstacles during parking of the car. Various car brands use exclusive names for this feature, such as, Electric Power Steering (EPS), Market Park Distance Control, Parktronic, Park Assist, and more.   

Adaptive Headlights:

These headlights give a better view of the road at night and help prevent accidents. They work according to the steering speed, car elevation, and they also adjust as per the road conditions. 

Alert System for Tyre Pressure:

Some cars come with this special feature which gives an alert when the tyre pressure requires adjustment. It also gives an indication when the tyre is optimally filled. 


This is another important safety feature available in some cars. These airbags work as a cushion during accidents and save the car passengers from injuries.

Contemporary cars come with many other specs, some of which are important, while others are not. It is significant for prospective buyers to do a good study of the features required and decide on buying the car based on these specifications.

In short, buy a car which has the features you need. Do not fall prey to the seller’s marketing tactics!

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