8 Things Women Do Unknowingly That Annoy Men A Lot


Sometimes women make silly things (according to men) that drive them crazy and it’s vice versa as well. Of course both men and women do not make these things intentionally. Today we have listed out where woman go wrong that can piss off a guy.

Below are the things women do that annoy men :

  1. Being Nosy- ‘Why are you interested in everything under the sun?

Anybody would be fed up by constant intrusion in one’s life. Girls should take care that they do not ask incessantly about each and every detail plus do not interfere in other people’s life as well.

  1. Extreme talkers- Repeating the same stuff makes guys go bonkers.

Many a times women tend to speak on the topic they like. But that’s not the problem; the problem only arises when they forget the length and repetition of the topic as well. It will be better to understand what your male friend is interested in and involve them as well.

  1. Being Clingy- Hello, Hey, Please Message, Where are you? There?

Being clingy irritates the guys the most If you call him, text him, show up often then you must stop it now, as over doing can make him bored and jaded and piss him off too.

  1. Trying to change them according to your wish- Please wear this T Shirt Only.

It’s impossible to get an ideal man with all the qualities. Men would love if his spouse accepts the way he is. So one should allow them to be themselves and of course you can guide them and if they seem that’s right then probably they will consider the change and accept it as well.

  1. When women complain a lot- He Will Be Hear Those to just forget them.

Guys won’t pay heed to the continuous nags by women. One can learn to accept it and move on as constantly complaining won’t help anybody.

  1. When you constantly worry about future: Your guy might be shouting lets live the present.

Men would like to live in the moment and also think about future constantly worrying and cribbing how the future would be will surely bother him and make him sad too. So keep your thoughts to yourself if you still think future is important but try and not include your partner every time.

  1. When half of them you are teary eyed- He hates when you be cry baby all the time.

Using your emotions as women can make your guy fall for you but deep down he really won’t like to be cry baby. So instead be firm, he would admire that. Also one should not use tears to manipulate and get stuff done.

  1. When they behave like princess- I want diamond necklaces now!

This behavior of women peeves men to the most. Of course your partner would love to treat you like princess but you should also be aware about real things and not expect too sky high.

It’s important to think from other person’s perspective as well to have a healthy and long lasting relationship.

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