5 Things To Do When You’re Good Friends With Your Partner’s EX!

Things To Do When You're Friends With Your Partner's Ex

“Things To Do When You’re Friends With Your Partner’s Ex”

First of all, being good friends with the person your partner dated is kind of a big deal. I mean, there’s certainly nothing wrong about it, but in certain situations it can turn up to be a bit awkward. Now, not many people like maintaining relationships with their partner’s ex. But to be honest, you can maintain it, only if you’ve the right tricks to do so. I’m sure that there will be many who feel that ME + My Partner + His EX (My Good friend) isn’t a big deal at all. You know what; my friends have been through the same situation.

But let me tell you, even though everything seems good, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. As I mentioned, right tricks are needed. Some of my friends are still enjoying this “so-called trouble”, whereas others learned a lesson. So, if you’re someone who wants to survive this kind of relation/friendship, then do these things.

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  1. Don’t try hard to develop a friendship b/w your SO and his Ex

Doing this kind of thing is slightly stupid and you should avoid it. Never try to create certain situations where you bring both of ‘em and don’t try to make ‘em good friends as well. It might take a different road and you might get lost in the end, so avoid it. You know, it might make you feel that “Wow, I’m doing a great thing”, but honestly, it is unintelligent.

  1. Don’t talk about your relationship with his EX

There are so many things in this world that you can talk about with your good friend. Strictly avoid talking about the fights you had or every little thing about your partner. You might feel that there’s nothing wrong, but wait, there’s everything wrong about it. There’s a reason why they broke up and if you’re discussing the fights, then you might just end up ditching your partner (Surprisingly)

  1. Don’t compare the ways your partner treated his ex and the way he treats you

Your partner’s ex might spill the beans and tell you about how her ex (now your partner) made her feel special, but don’t take it to your head. In short, don’t fight about it with your partner (You know what I’m talking about) Comparison can ruin things up a lot.

  1. Pay attention to how they both behave when they’re together

Now suppose there’s a party and your partner and his ex come face to face, then pay attention to how they act. I mean, if your partner is uncomfortable, then don’t be around his ex and change the place.

  1. Avoid getting jealous

Like I said, whenever you’re with your partner’s ex, don’t make him a topic. Don’t talk about your partner and suppose you do then don’t get hurt if your partner’s ex reveal something or talk about their lovey-dovey times. The problem is, this might make you jealous and things can get on fire.

According to me, these are the things to do when you’re friends with your partner’s ex. Any queries? Comment below.

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