This Old Town Will Tell You About The Unknown Blended Cultures Of India

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When talking of cultures in India, we never fail to fall short of places.

But this place hasn’t failed to leave a distinct part of my mind, since the day I visited it. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Ernakulam city, is the old, rustic and charming town of Kochi.

What makes this town unique is, its blend of Dutch, Portuguese, British, Jewish and Indian cultures.

The best way to indulge in the scenic gorge of this place is to cover the town on foot. India’s oldest European church, St. Francis church, built in a Portuguese style, was where the explorer Vasco Da Gama was first buried and later shifted to Portugal. What makes this church exquisite is its Portugal architecture.

This is the only place where you get a chance to go fishing along with the locals. The iconic Chinese fishing nets literally give you a feeling of satisfaction and contentment while you get to mingle with the locals at the same time.


The Jew street in Mattancherry is one of the main attractions for tourists. As name suggests the street has an aura of Jewish culture around, with rows of packed warehouses filled with aroma of spices. The street was one of the major spice trading centre in history i.e. untill the Britishers set their rule in India. The antique selling shops, furniture and glassware still present as if it were a vintage Ducth-Portuguese market, can still be seen when walking on the streets.

On your visit to Mattancherry, the other things you cannot miss are the Paradesi Synagogue, the Clock tower and the Mattancherry Palace Museum. The museum showcases the culture of Kochi Raja where you can take a look at the spears, daggers and dress used by the Raja and his soldiers.

The Indo Portuguese museum at Fort Kochi throws light on strong Portuguese influence on the architecture of India. An important centre to understand the Indo-Portuguese Christian heritage, this museum was buitl with the help of Bishop of Kochi.

Fort Kochi also has a number of restaurants serving international and local food delicacies.  The Kashi Art Cafe is worth visiting as it gives you a glimpse of one of the purest from of blended architecture with great food.

So, if you wish to take a look at how do cultures look like when they are blended, Kochi is the place to be.

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