10 Things Every Woman Notices When They Meet Men For The First Time

Things that a woman notices in men

Things that a woman notices in men – First impression is the last impression, so make it count, especially when you meet the woman of your dreams for the first time.

Yes, women notice everything when she sees a man for the first time.

We have listed the top 10 things that a woman notices in men she meets. Take a look:

Things that a woman notices in men –

1 – Color of your shirt:

The color of your shirt is one thing that grabs a woman’s attention. No matter you wear a classy shirt or casual t-shirt, it is the color that hits her mind and if you want to bring a remarkable look then opt for black, maroon, green shades.

2 – Hair:

All the extra time that you have devoted to your hair is going to result fruitful, as every woman definitely notices your hair. It’s just an observation that she does.

3 – Your posture:

How you carry yourself is definitely the first thing a woman notices. She can easily get turned off by a man who slump or who hunch. So whenever you meet a girl, walk in with elan and confidence that would bring an aura of instant likeness.

4 – 3Cs:

This is another important thing that a woman notices- the 3Cs. Confidence, Composure, Carriage is something she looks for. By confidence, we do not mean arrogance, instead, it’s all about how much you can make her feel warm, secure. Composure and carriage are the vibes that you carry with you and how important you make her feel.

5 – Shoes:

A gentleman is judged by his shoes and that’s what women do. After your posture, they do give a quick look to your shoes to know how much does cleanness matter to you. Better wear well-polished shoes!

6 – Your eyes:

Your eyes speak your soul and to know you better, women definitely take interest in men’s eyes. From their color to where you are looking, they notice everything. Eyes show if you are fun loving, stern or relaxed and so on.

7 – Your responses:

A woman definitely looks for how you reply to her or people around. So if you are protective, detached or arrogant she can find it all from the way you respond. Nothing escapes her eyes.

8 – Humor:

Be with a man who makes you laugh and women stand by this. They love the humor quotient in men and enjoy the company of a man who can take her worries off and bring a smile on her face.

9 – Your hands:

You would be shocked, but they do notice your hands. From the way your hands move, swing or when you pull a chair for her, she sees everything. So do have well-groomed hands the first time you meet her.

10 – Your smile:

After all the assessment of your build, humor, and posture women look for the one thing they go weak on their knees- the smile. A warm, welcoming smile is something that would definitely impress her and make sure you don’t give aloof smiles.

These are the things that a woman notices in men – These were the top things that a woman notices in a man, hope it helps you to make a lasting impression.

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