Generation Gap! We Are Going To Take 80 Years To Close It!


What in the lord’s name is this over-hyped phenomenon called “Generation Gap”

Well, for the starters, Generation Gap is a gap between two upper and lower generations, majorly due to communication that leads to misunderstanding and disharmony.

It also refers to the gap between young and old.

The inevitable progress of time and technology has lead to some obvious introductions of new thoughts, beliefs and morals. As a result, this difference in the general outlook at life arises, which is evident in the difference of opinions and social values between young people and older people within the family as well as within the social contexts. And these days a generation gap exists not only between young and the parents, but also between older and younger siblings, who are just a few years apart from each other. Even in school or in the college one can always notice the difference in the attitudes and the thinking of the junior lot from the senior lot. The times are changing so very fast that it does not take a 25 year age difference to make a generation gap. Today, a 19 year old will have a hard time to understand the mindset of a 17 year young.

It is majorly about mindsets and methods and it is not one-sided.

Youth is full of passion and drive and is risk-friendly. The older lot  has wisdom and experience and they are risk-averse.

So, why not work together, gaining each other’s perspectives?

But, no! We will not, because we are not made like that!

All have their own, rather rigid point of views to stick to. Just passion and risk-taking are not enough; neither are experienced and wisdom because we live in a dynamic world. Strategies have to change and for this we need understanding and flexibility. And if it is not taken as a bogus statement, in nearly 80 years or so, we can close this so called gap of disharmony if we work on some crucial points.

Why we say 80 years? Because in next 80 years, today’s young brigade would have gained the status of parents and grandparents, and if they are smart enough to understand, they will not let the situation occur, owing to their own experiences.

The older and younger generations need to communicate, synergize and draw the best from each other. A healthy conversation and dialogue is essential to bridge the gap.

Here are the things that both the generations need to work on and understand about each other, to bring that gap to an end, in next 80 years! Yes, we mean it!

Elder can guide children on the right path without eliminating the youth perspective

There are no rules here. There should not be. Parents must use both head and heart. Harmonise both male and female energies within them and that integration will guide them to deal with situations. Experiences are good, but not all experiences lead to universal truths and bottom lines. Don’t become a victim of experience. Advise the kids not based on your own experiences, but keeping the current scenarios in mind, without seeming to be interfering. Present your viewpoint in a friendly manner without being autocratic.

Also, they must make sure that children are receptive, so that they listen when they advise them. Otherwise, whatever you say will not make an impression on them. Parents should understand that more than the words they utter, it is their being and intention which gets communicated.

Sometimes adults behave like children and even need to be taken care of. Sometimes they want to pamper their children; at other times they expect children to behave like adults. Isn’t this confusing?

This one is for young brigade. How to deal with the elder, is their prime question.

Use the power of love and then you will know how to deal with old people. Yes, as they get old they behave like children. Give them love and understanding. Learn to enjoy dealing with them. They are also going through a transition. Be committed and compassionate, then you will get the right mode to help them. “He gives not the best, who gives the most but he gives the most who gives the best”. Learn to give your best. Be the giver and then that giving itself enhances the quality of life. What is wrong if you pamper your parents? After all it is their second childhood. Don’t you pamper your children? Don’t use too much of logic, but just shower love. Share some of their music and let them understand yours.

Parents, guardians and teachers need to be friendly with younger without imposing their own ideoligies

One has to be friendly but also fair, frank and flexible. Employ the Four Fs in relationships. Educate each other about discipline. Discipline is not against freedom; it harnesses freedom. Just like the banks of the river help the river to flow towards the ocean. Young people may feel discipline is snatching their freedom. This is not true. Bringing up children involves education. Don’t think that they will immediately understand. It takes time, but you should be an empowering and enriching parents, not the harassing parent.

The world has both the right and wrong modes of operating. Good parenting is teaching them to take the good and leave the bad. All parents are not right all the time; their intention may be good, but possibly parents may do more harm to children if they encourage division; that would create conflict and hence pain. So, parents’ intention may be good, but they also have to keep the best interest of the child in mind and act accordingly.

To sum it up…

Generation gap is the easiest possible excuse for families to give way to rifts. The notion of “right and wrong” changes with every generation, and this is the root factor for the clash between the elders and the young.

It is a fact of life that the generation gap or “clash” is something that has existed and will continue to exist as long as man exists on this earth. It is not restricted to certain parts of the world, to certain times of human history or to certain cultures. That is why this “clash” is a fact of a life accepted by all generations, all over the world and through all time.

As the gap broadens, one can only ask for a bit more adjusting power from people of all age groups and exchange a few ideas, beliefs and music from one generation to another in order to live a blissful life and if done with a right attitude, we can forget that Generation Gap exists, in next 80 years or so.

Opening up to the change, acceptance, free-spirited and progressive thought process are the keys to the matter!

Think about it!

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