5 Signs You Are More Involved In A Relationship Than Your Partner!

One-Sided Relationship

One-Sided Relationship –

This thing happens in a relationship.

Sometimes when you’re dating someone, it is possible that you are the one who is investing more time and more effort in your relationship, as compared to your partner.

Now your partner might be someone who is a workaholic, but giving time is a must. You know, that’s how a relationship is balanced and everything seems perfect.

There should be commitment from both the sides.

If you’re someone who is failing to put efforts, then you must try hard to work on it. You know, that’s how a relationship is saved.

Here are 5 signs that clearly indicate that you are in a One-Sided Relationship – 

  1. You are the one who always make plans

Look I’m not saying that it’s wrong, but yeah, your partner must contribute too. It should not happen like you are the one who is planning trips etc, tell your partner to spend some time too. Sit together, discuss where you want to spend your day and stuff like that.

  1. All efforts to solve issues are put by you

Suppose you had a fight with each other, and after ½ an hour you’re trying to solve it, then make sure you put your points accordingly. Let you partner speak first, and then you do it. If you are the only one who is always trying to solve the issue and your partner is just there listening, then that’s not how it works.

It’s like you’re in a one-sided relationship.

  1. Every conversation starts when you text first

Is it like you are the only one who starts a conversation always? If yes, then definitely you’re living in a one-sided relationship. But wait, don’t get things wrong too. I mean, figure out if your partner loves texting or not.

Some people don’t like texting & stuff, so talk it out.

  1. There’s no respect from the other side

It’s good that you respect your partner in a relationship, but are you getting it back too? If not, make sure you talk about it. Respect is a big thing, so make sure that your partner is respecting your opinion and views, just like you are doing it.

  1. You always put efforts to make them a part of your life

You are the one who always take them to meet your family & friends, whereas in terms of your partner, they give more importance to friends and not you. It really hurts a lot. It mainly feels like even though both are committed, you’re all alone. It shouldn’t go that way.

All I would say is talk to your partner and if things don’t seem great, then you know that it’s time to move on.

One-Sided Relationship – If your partner is failing to put efforts, don’t break up & stuff, instead have a sweet conversation and clear all your doubts. And if you are the one who is putting less effort, then start putting more efforts, okay?


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