Know About Gods Influences on Days of the Week

Greek VS. Viking(N\orse) days of the weeks

God influences are the first concept that transpires into the mind, as the days of the week are on the honor of the influences of the planets and Gods. We assume that the influence of the planets is on the particular days that can call for a good fortune and spirit in future. Ancient insemination of the influence is observed in all kinds of the calendar. If you look into the Greek calendar to Roman calendar the similarities are consequent. 

Origins of the Roman days are after their planets, Roman Gods are dubbed on planets. The days name are also used by the western European countries. The transition of the planets’ name to comply with the weekdays started from the Christian Era. History speaks about Gods and planets in the Roman culture and western European culture. It was during the existence of the Anglo Saxons in the ancient civilization that existed in the fifth and sixth centuries AD who had the thoughts of the presence of Gods. 

Let us see what did the planet name on days of the week devour when dies, mean days in roman 

  • Dies Solis 
  • Dies Lunae
  • Dies Martis
  • Dies Mercurii
  • Dies Iovis
  • Dies Veneris
  • Dies Saturni

After the names of the days, the influence of the planets in English is renowned. Saturday that influences Saturn, Sunday influences Sun and Monday is for the moon. While Tuesday is named after the god Tiw, the significance of this God is connected to the warfare. The English calendar weekdays of God is similar to the Roman calendar. 

Next is Wednesday, that is the day of Lord Woden who works in influencing traveling and aspects of passion in an individual. Thursday is influenced by Jupiter and it is a day that emphasis the spirit of love. In Roman it is as stated dies Iovis, day of love. 

Above were reasons described the connection between the Anglo Saxon or Roman God.

weeks of the days english names

Ancient Anglo Saxon Week Days

Now let us know about the Gods of Anglo Saxon briefly with the days of the week ancient names. 

  • Monday, as stated earlier, is influenced by the moon but the moon is derived from the French language known as Monandaeg.
  • Tuesday which is named after the God of War, God of Sky was termed as tiwesdaeg
  • Wednesday was termed as Wodnesdaeg which was dedicated to Lord Woden.
  • Thursday during the time of the ancient period was termed as Dunresdaeg, it was known for the influential God Thunor or Thor’s day.
  • Friday is dedicated to Goddess Frige, the day was known as Frigedaeg the wife of Woden.
  • Saturday was known as Saeternesdaeg the day influenced by Saturn no God is named after this particular day.
  • Sunday, no God is influenced except the Sun which was known as Sunnandaeg. 
Greek VS. Viking(N\orse) days of the weeks

Greek VS. Viking(Norse) Mythology

Altogether it shows that the usage of calendars started from ancient times, which had a similar procedure to name the days of the week. The ancient mythology also mentions about the Norse mythology describing Sol and Mani. The carriers of the sun and moon around the sky. 

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