6 Things Men Like In Women More Than Just Good Looks


If you think men love women just because they look beautiful then you are wrong.

Let’s be honest we all do notice physical appearance of any one first, that’s very much natural. Guys also consider this trait but there are plenty of things men like in women beyond looks.

Ask your guy or any male friend that what they like in women, they will respond how more than girl’s gorgeous figure, beautiful lips and skin, there are many other things that make him go weak on his knees when they meet the ‘It’ woman.

If you too, want to know which are these traits and non physical things that make women more attractive then scroll down the read carefully.

  1. Her Support In Certain Conditions

Most men appreciate women who would really support him in the times of crisis. If his girl is ready to compromise and adapt or negotiate during certain situations then he would really appreciate her. They will agree how important this thing is for a fulfilling relationship.


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