These Are the Strange But Real Things That Happen to Us When We Fall in Love

Fall in Love

Fall in Love – Sometimes we achieve in love, sometimes end up in complete fiasco but love is a learning experience nonetheless.

It has been also inspirational to the literary legends who penned down poems and sonnets in praise of their beloved. There is no greater pain than love falling afoul of misunderstandings and no greater joy than making people jealous with your coupledom.

In the world of ephemeral pleasures, the forever kind of love is dying a speedy death but then there are still lovers who diligently believe in happily-ever-afters and do strange things when they fall in love. It’s not always them but the ‘love hormones’ they develop in their bodies, make them do these.

We will take you to a ride into the experiences you too may have had when you Fall in Love but never noticed. Read on below:

1 – You gain weight or lose it:

Psychology has a popular expression called ‘love pounds’ which makes many couple gain weight while in the nascent stage of the relationship. Of course, being in love exhausts a lot of calorie out of your body and while your attempt to overcompensate that, you eat to avoid the pressure of being rejected hence the weight gain. On the other hand , the Oxytocin developed in body also causes weight loss of other lots.

2 – Their voices change:

In a distinguished study, it has been scientifically proven that people tend to understand from the lover’s voice itself when they are making a phonecall that whether they are talking to the friend or the date. That study proved that women’s voices become lower and men’s voices become lower.

3 – Being in love becomes an addiction for you:

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world and even after break-up, you keep thinking about the person you were in love with. It hence becomes an addiction to be in love and you put yourself through a series of dating. It is as same as a cocaine addiction, some scientists say.

4 – People can’t fall asleep:

People are usually sleep eluded when they are in love because they can’t help thinking about their significant other. According to a scientific study, people in love sleep an hour less during the night without waking up tired. That is the magic of love, really!

5 – Heart tends to jump out of their chests:

The pumps like a railway engine at the merest glimpse of the loved one. It happens because someone makes you blush and you can’t help being drawn towards him.

6 – The non-poets start writing poetries:

Because love accelerates the aesthetic side in the lovers, so they turn into poets to impress their loved ones. Probably writing poems are the most thoughtful gifts one could give to their loved ones.

7 – They are seldom afflicted by diseases:

There is a strange connection between romantic feelings and pain perception. The people in love are torn off from the external world and immersed into each other.

Love really sweeps you off your feet and people in love are ready to have a face-off with any challenge. It brings changes in you thereby leaving you amazed.

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