15 Things Girls Want to Hear From You

Things girls want to hear from you

Things girls want to hear from you – Being in a relationship keep you on the toes?

Or your girlfriend gets upset often is why you worry. So, you need to know the magic of making her fall in love. So, what’s better than doing things that brings a smile on her face.

Of course, you are not the joker or a magician to give a performance always. But, a small gesture of love from your side can make her feel special. Thus, you must know the things girls want to hear from you.

List of Things girls want to hear from you

1 – Compliment Her Well

It’s not like that you don’t give her a compliment like looking gorgeous or something more. But, it is about how you convey it to her. You must have a happy and soft attitude while complimenting her. Your ruthless behavior can make her heartbreak. So, be sweet to your girlfriend always and compliment her well always.

2 – Say Truth

The one common thing all girls like to hear from you is the truth. Yes, never weave a story when you have skipped something related to her. In fact, simply tell her that you forget it. This will definitely make her angry. But, this angry will vanish as soon as you offer a warm hug. Also, she will away trust you because of your this quality.

3 – Darling, You Are Amazing

Girls love to feel like princess so pamper them always. In fact, make them feel like they made impossible possible. The best way to do this is by saying, you are amazing. This is the one thing that girls want to hear from you. One thing you should remember is that every girl enjoys getting attention. Thus, portray her as a super girl and always be happy in a relationship.

4 – Say You Want to Meet her Friends

Every girl in the world has her set of best friends. Thus, impress her by showing interest in meeting her friends. Also, suggest her to plan a picnic or a small trip with all of you together. She will be amazingly happy after hearing this from you.

5 – You Are My Love

Always make feel like she is made for you. Wait. Simply tell her that there are many female friends in your life. But she holds a special place in your life. It is true that girls want to hear this thing from you. This makes her feel happy about falling in for the right person.

6 – Ask her for an Opinion

The opinion matters in every relationship. So, talk to her and know what she thinks about the situation. Also, try to implement her advice in your life. This will make her feel heard and respected. In fact, the girls want to hear this thing from you irrespective of how much time it’s being in a relationship.

7 – Express Your Thoughts

We all have a fondness for our beloved person. But, we sometimes won’t express it. This is one bad habit you must leave. Yes, must speak what you feel. Express you’re your thoughts about her and let your girlfriend know how much you love her. This is one thing girls want to hear from you. So, stop showing flowers on her and start expressing your thoughts instead.

8 – I Love Your Passion

Does your girlfriend have a habit of surprising you? Or she plans to throw a party on your birthday? Things like this showcase how passionate she is about being your lover. So, you must acknowledge her by saying, I love your passion for me. This makes her happy because most of the girls want to hear this from you.

9 – This Dress Enhances Your Beauty

The girls are always conscious about their appearance. Thus, they keep asking you about how I am looking. This is a tricky question to deal. So, act smartly and boost her confidence by saying, this dress enhances your beauty.

10 – You Make Me Fall in Love Again

This one thing is what all the girls want to hear from you. In fact, your girlfriend will not complain about anything for a couple of days after hearing this. Try saying this and you will feel more loved.

11 – I Love You like This Only

Many people disrespect their partner by asking them to bring change in their attitude. But, come close to your girlfriend by saying her that, I love you like this only. This shows your true love for her. We all get involved in a relationship at some point in life. Thus, we have an expectation from our partner. So this is also a one that girls want to hear from you.

12 – Proud of You

Make her feel that hard work finally pays off. Always stand by her whenever she achieves something in life. This encourages her to perform well in every sphere of life. So, stay happy together by saying this thing to your girlfriend.

13 – Are You a Magician?

Make her feel that you smile because of her. In fact, tell her that you have brought sunshine in her life. Also, ask her a simple question, are you a magician? This is because you feel positive and happy when she is around. Also, this question will surprise her and increase her fondness for you. Remember, some surprising questions like this is what girls want to hear from you.

14 – Tell Her You Are Beautiful, Not Sexy

There is a thin line between being beautiful and being sexy. In fact, boys sometimes don’t understand whether to call their girlfriend sexy or beautiful. So, all the boyfriends out there must tell your girl that she is beautiful and not sexy. This enhances the feeling of being loved as being sexy means having beautiful curves and toned body. Whereas being beautiful denotes having a smart and attractive persona. Thus, girls want to hear this thing from you.

15 – I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Being in love is amazing. But, are you the one who can’t stop thinking about her? In case you also face the same thing, then you must let her know this by saying, I can’t stop thinking about you. This will make your girlfriend have a big smile. Also, she will be more than happy to be in this relationship. Remember, this is what girls like to hear from you.

These are the things girls want to hear from you – The girls like continuous pampering. Thus here is the list of things girls want to hear from you. Impress your beloved and tell her she is your world, you love her smile and many more things. Your continuous praise makes her feel special.

Therefore you must know the top 15 things girls want to hear from you. This will help you stay happy and loved in the current relationship. Another reason to know what the girls want to hear from you is not making her upset. Know other things as well to know what girls want to hear from you.

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