Beware of IPC 294: Look What Happened With Deepika And Ranveer!

FIR against Ranveer Singh and Deepika

Give me a ticket and little savings; I want to fly out of this country. This is what my colleague said after hearing the news of FIR filed against Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone for a peck on the cheek.

Yes with the Valentine’s Day nearing, #KissOfLove is making headlines again as the duo was charged for a peck on the cheek on the sets of #AIBRoast. Under section 294, this is seen as ‘obscene act in public’. As per reports, the sub-inspector of the Maharashtra State Police, Wazir Sheikh was the one to file FIR against AIB Roast under various sections like ‘selling of pornography’, ‘obscene act in public’, etc.

Clearly this guy has never seen porn to define this as porn.

Forget meeting your boyfriend in public, what if you meet a friend or even your dad happens to give a quick gesture of love on your cheek in public, would there be a moral police brigade? Exactly where are we heading???

Imagine how embarrassing that is going to be if such gestures are considered obscene.

Personally I am not a fan of the AIB Roast. Simple reason being that I don’t relate to that format of comedy genre but that has got nothing to do with my ‘sanskriti’.

I won’t even talk about the issues that need serious attention and immediate resolve. On one hand where a Whatsapp video on a rape victim does the rounds for several months before it reaches a concerned citizen, people are busy filing FIRs against such silly things.

I won’t even get into that comparison but I would strictly limit this topic to understanding the mentality of people who define ‘Indian culture.’

AIB Roast was a piece of crap but that is my opinion. Every person is entitled to have an opinion but to force ‘your culture’ on a land that observes a vast cultural diversity is offensive.

If the country gets offended by every little gesture and silly things then very soon it is going to be governed by the self proclaimed godmen and the youth would soon run away from the so called ‘forced sanskriti.’

It is seriously damning to know how a peck on cheek or even if it was a kiss or a proper smooch can offend someone?

What is so offensive is what we really want to know as the definition of ‘being offended’ is starting to baffle the youth of this generation.

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