Here Are The 8 Friends In Life Who Are Your Real Friends And You Should Never Doubt Their Friendship!

  1. Friends Who Know The Social Media Protocol Between Friends And Abide By It 

Whatever you post on social media, gets a like or a comment from them, because they love you and love what you do. Well, it may sound stupid, but in this day and age, you can’t leave a pal’s post response less, if you really mean a good friendship with them. They will make their presence felt on your page, no matter it is 48th silly looking picture of your pup, or your 5th selfie for the day!  They exactly know how it feels to have a like or a comment form a friend, hence they never devoid you of that happiness. And guess what, they would never post and tag you in a photo where you know you are looking horrible (and they know it too) with a fat face, or may be eyes closed, or may be messy hair, just so to get the sadistic pleasure out of showing the real you to the world, in a bad candid snapshot. Especially when they know that they are looking better than you in the picture. Talking of social media protocol, I wouldn’t miss on the point, that truest of the friends are whose birthdays and other vital happenings of life, or who they were with last night,  will not be dependent on your social media connection with them. You would have all the vital info all by itself and not through social platforms.


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