These Helpful Tips Will Make Your Hostel Life Easier!


Those were the best days of my life!

Well you must have heard this quite a lot from people talking about their college or school life.

And well what to say about hostel life?

Well if you happen to be an outstation student and you get a chance to stay at hostel, the first thought that usually comes to your mind if it’s the first time you’re staying away from your family- How will I survive?

The thought in itself tends to be intimidating but then trust me you don’t need to worry.

After sometime you actually learn to live and survive your hostel life.

This one is for the first timers.

Here’s some tips for hostellers and remember you may find it a bit tough to survive initially but then it will get better for you and once you are out of that place you’ll miss it.

So give it a read in case you are a hosteller.

Get used to the place!

This is the place where you have to spend your entire college life so just make sure you get to know the place well and get used to it.

Make friends!

Yes friends truly make your life easier so ensure you have good company. Make sure you make like minded friends. Trust me having a good company makes your college and hostel life easier.

Stay in touch with your family!

Make sure they are aware about you. Never hide anything from them, even the troubles you are facing there. In case there’s a senior who is ragging you or anything that is bothering you, make sure your parents or elder siblings know about it. Your family is always there to support you so ensure you keep them in loop. Thinking they might get worried and hiding things might turn bigger tomorrow so ensure you have a confidant.

Watch out for your expenses!

When you stay away from your family, you need to watch out for your expense. You have to manage your entire month with the limited pocket money so ensure you don’t waste money on stupid expenses. Try to use your money wisely.

Keep your money and valuables locked..Always!

You need to be your own caretaker. Also ensure you keep your cupboard locked when you’re not in your room. Your valuables safety is in your hand and you don’t want it to be stolen right? So make sure you keep your stuff safely.

Respect hostel warden!

Make sure you respect your warden and don’t indulge in anything that can possibly miff her/him. Respect the timings and rules of the hostel.

Have fun but don’t cross the line!

Yes make sure you have fun in your hostel life but never indulge in the activities that may get you into trouble or make you feel guilty if you get caught.

Don’t forget the main reason you are there!

And that is studies! Yes make sure you don’t forget to study well. Don’t just stay in your room and bunk classes. It shouldn’t be all fun and no study. We tend to get distracted but then telling yourself what you need to do foremost sometime helps. So ensure you are always ready for your semesters.

Keep your room clean!

We are not used to do cleaning and washing at home but in hostel you don’t have that liberty so you have to do all that by yourself. Just make sure you keep your surrounding and your room clean because at the end of the day it’s you who has to stay there.

Be positive and always be good to everyone!

Trust me our nature helps a lot. If you are positive and good to everyone be it your seniors or batch mates and even the staff of the hostel, it will help you a lot.We are respected for our good behavior and so always remain positive.

These were some of the tips that might help you in your hostel life.

You will miss your family and friends a lot and sometime you may even cry but then tell yourself you are here to make your life and career and all will be well.

Just have fun, enjoy your golden days and also just live the best days of your life.

All the best!

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