Hostel Accommodation ‘“ Troubles You Are Bound to Come Across

Hostel accommodation troubles – Most of us are forced to leave our parents’ home for further studies, meaning living in a hostel. Often times, hostels bring torments of such forms that people call the experience ‘hell on earth’.

Most of us are forced to leave our parents’ home for further studies, meaning either living with a relative or a hostel.

We do not have too many issues in the former scenario, but the latter situation, at times, means ‘hell on earth.’

As if living away from family is not enough of an inconvenience, hostels bring torments of such forms that people literally cry.

Below, I introduce you to several issues that students encounter while living in a hostel.

Sharing Rooms

This is the very first problem you face when you enter a hostel. You have no idea who you would be sharing your room with, until you look at the list on the notice board. For all you know, the guy or the girl partnering with you could be a bully. Be prepared for a hard time in the future, if this is the case. If not, and you do end up getting a roommate that is chilled out, it still takes time to adjust.

Increased Expenses

While living in hostel, money tends to become sort of an issue. Usually, the hostels charge a higher rate and at times, it becomes daunting for the parents to meet the financial requirement. In addition to spending money for hostel accommodation, they have to shell out finances for commuting, monthly pocket money and other expenditures for their children. God forbid! If your parents do not have enough savings, expect to be called back home midway through an examination.

Lack of Security

It was only recently that many students reported about lack of security they faced in their hostel campus. They are not as safe as a home and you can definitely not use the words ‘hostel’ and ‘sanctuary’ in a single sentence, unless the sentence is “hostel is not my sanctuary”. Robberies and thefts are a common occurrence and some students, too, engage in these unlawful practices.

Unhealthy Surroundings

Based on the hostel you stay in, the surroundings can be pathetic. They have no quality maintenance when it comes to hygiene and unhygienic conditions can trouble you immensely. If you compromise and live in a hostel with germ-infested surrounding, do not be surprised when you hear a rat’s squeak by your ears in the middle of the night.

Increased Personal Accountability

Independence is your power, as it helps you to achieve your goals based on your convenience. But as Uncle Ben said, “With Great Powers Come Great Responsibilities”; in addition to managing your studies, you need to be responsible about your every day chores. From washing your clothes to cleaning your dishes, you need to perform all kinds of duties, which you would have otherwise managed to evade by living at your parents’ home.

Medical Facilities

Medicare is one of the toughest issues faced by students residing in hostels. When your hostel does not provide adequate medical facilities, you return to your home whenever you suffer from an ailment. This can lead to added expenses.

Students also face other issues like unclean water and unhealthy food. This facilitates for students getting in touch with dabbawallas, in the process adding to their expenses.

Living in hostels is definitely a task, but nevertheless it is an experience. If you somehow manage to overcome it, think about the stories you can tell your children and grandchildren.

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