How The Talking Tech Podcast can Inspire Every Tech Lover

The tech lovers are pathologically driven towards technology. It is an obsession that they grow from their childhood and it stays with them till the end. With a restless impulse, they will hunt down the news about cutting-edge technologies that are releasing everyday. Science will never cease to advance and the enthusiasm of the tech lovers will always be fueled by the fresh releases in the market. You are a tech lover too if your degree of happiness is directly proportional to the number of gadgets you own. The salesman in every store gets hoodwinked by the comprehensive questions that you hurl at them. Also, you are one of those people who sidestep Apple vs Samsung fight and wisely carry both. A person that visits your house will figure out that you are a tech lover by spotting a separate drawer in your house stuffed with at least three dozen cables, wires and chargers. Oh wait, you will jump in joy to find out that we know your neat trick of flashing the latest gadgets before other Indians. We know that you have ‘that’ contact in the United States who can always get you a latest gadget in cheaper rates.

It doesn’t end here, buying a TV takes more elbow-grease for you that selecting the right person to marry! Wait, may be you sport a Nike fuel band too even if you don’t run.

Phew!… now that we have succesfully proved our point, here’s something we have to suggest that will excite your soul like no other if you are a bona fide gadget freak.

You should subscribe to the Talking Tech podcast if you want to be constantly notified about the recent releases in technology. Furthermore, you can learn about latest tech news, hear about gadget reviews, opinion on tech trends and listen to some really inspiriting interview with the insiders. 

The USA Today has lately published quick links to all the shows of Talking Tech podcast.

How you can listen to the Talking Tech podcast:

The Talking Tech podcast hearing facility is available on :

Sitcher (on both Apple and Android).

Apple Podcasts (Apple devices only)

Google Podcasts (Android devices only)


You can also contribute in widening the listener base of Talking Tech podcast by rating and reviewing the show on Apple podcast and “Favourite” them on Stitcher.

How can you provide voice command on demand listening:

The Talking Tech podcast has a new Alexa/Talking Tech skill.

-you can enable the Talking Tech Fresh Briefing Skill in the Alexa smartphone app that you can use to control the Amazon Echo Speakers.  To do this, you need to open the app, go to settings, and finally click on Flash Briefings. You can access search from there. Type in “ Talking Tech” and then enable the skill. You can even say “Alexa, play Talking Tech flash briefing” and you are good to go!

To avoid the hassle, you can also hear Talking Tech podcast on:

-iPhone or iPad by just saying “Hey Siri, play Talking Tech with Jefferson Graham” and the show will directly start via voice command.

-You can play it with Google Home Connected Speaker by just saying, “                 Hey Google, play Talking Tech with Jefferson Graham”

-To hear it on Amazon Echo/Alexa, say “Play USA Today Talking Tech podcast”

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