10 Signs That You Are A No-nonsense Girl

No-nonsense Girl – People who take no shit are allergic to drama, they take offence when people hurl their unwarranted judgments at them and they have a mind of their own, to say the least.

No one is born snooty, one has to go through some bitter experiences to achieve where they stand now and their achievements validate their snobbish nature. One that learns from his experiences and can take their decisions on their own will also have the courage to walk alone and yet make their presence count.

Especially for girls, who walk past bullshit and mind their own business, these below mentioned points are laid down:

No-nonsense Girl –

1 – You don’t mince your words:

You are known to speak your mind always and never adopt ambiguity. Your statements are not opaque and influenced. You know what you mean when you say something and make sure the other person understands it too. You say what you mean, mean what you say.

2 – You are flexible to constructive criticism:

You are not afraid to be criticized because you are certainly not a people pleasure. You know for sure that not everyone can be happy with you, some are jealous, too. Again there are people who truly have good judgment skills and you take constructive criticism from them.

3 – You are a hardcore feminist:

That doesn’t mean that you are a male-hater, you believe in equality and work your ass off to be treated with respect. You let your freak flag fly, always!

4 – You don’t compromise your career for a relationship:

You hate misty-eyed rejoinders and don’t compromise your love to make a relationship survive. After all, you know that if a person truly wants to hold you back, he will let you fly.

5 – You don’t believe in grapevine:

You don’t believe what you haven’t witnessed in person. You also don’t form an opinion about a person judging by the rumours.

6 – You don’t forgive easily:

You have a mammoth memory and you don’t forgive people who have hurt you. You let them go, but remember their names.

7 – You are not a boss’s sycophant:

You know that your work will speak volumes and you will be noticed. You have an aversion for people who oil the boss.

8 – No body messes with you:

You are replete with sarcasm and people get a lot of hiccups when they think of confronting you. Not necessarily you are always right, but people are still afraid.

9 – Your standards are high:

And you see through people who don’t subscribe to that standard you have set for yourself.

10 – You are the truth bomber:

You don’t back out when someone wants the truth from you. You don’t beat around the bush and tell the truth when needed because you are emotionally strong enough to handle the consequences.

These are the signs of No-nonsense Girl – It’s hard to be a no-nonsense person, but definitely respect tastes better than attention.

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