Super Annoying Habits of the Boyfriends That Freak Women Out

Annoying habits of the boyfriends

Annoying habits of the boyfriends – When in a relationship, one must consider the likes and dislikes of the partner because only the mutual trust and understanding make the relationship prosper. However it sounds judgmental but once they feel secure, men turn into the distinct self-pleasures and tend to take their partners for granted.

Not necessarily it means that he is avoiding of seeking riddance from the relationship but that’s how they roll.

Here are some Annoying habits of the boyfriends that truly drive their women bonkers:

Annoying habits of the boyfriends –

1 – Sleeping until late:

Sleeping until late in the afternoon and spreading out on the bed in almost a vegetative state really makes women freak out. While running the house is both of your responsibility, he can’t just leave it all in your lone shoulders and sleep.

2 – Farting:

Men are pretty brazen about burping and farting, they rather consider as a sport and what’s worse, sometimes pursue their girlfriends to follow their lead! Eeks.

3 – Not doing foreplay:

Girls love to be cuddled and pampered. Foreplay turns them on better and they always want it while having sex but guys are always in a hurry to sleep so they would just go down on her, have it and sleep!

4 – Never fetching the right thing home:

Whenever a guy is asked to fetch something home by his girlfriend on the way back from his work, he never fetches the right thing because he was probably absent minded while doing the task.

5 – Never taking permission:

He never takes permission before taking food off his girl’s plate.

These are Annoying habits of the boyfriends – It will be ripe to say that men show their affection in the weirdest ways. When a man loves you deeply, he can never make his feelings obvious to you and would always want you to read his mind. So, ignore and forget his silly habits and be loveable enough.

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