Honest Confessions By Random People Will Shock You, As Why They Cheated Their Partners !

Honest confessions

Honest confessions – We all might have come across many people that might have cheated upon their partners, and some being so bold enough to give out various reasons on why they cheated on their partners. Many even call these Honest confessions to be bold ones.

Many of you might have already started to wonder what these confessions could be like. So, here we provide you a set of some strange confessions that people give out as a reason to cheat their partner. Take a look at these honest, yet strange set of honest confessions.

Honest confessions –

  1. ‘I don’t like it when he masturbates watching porn. And I am absolutely clueless why he does that!’ 
  1. ‘Just because he started stalking me, as I’ve got many male friends.’
  1. ‘Because I feel she is a less romantic person and so that made me turn to another beautiful romantic woman.’
  1. He never complimented me and on top of it he loved complimenting every random woman out there.’
  1. ‘My papa has seen him move closely with another woman at the mall, a woman that is no better than me.’
  1. I doubt him to be a gay.’
  1. He is so much in love with his work and office, that I feel he must have got engaged to the office building rather than to me, so left him!
  1. ‘I’ve seen him texting his personal secretary whole night, only after lying to me that he got a power point to prepare.’
  1. He never lets me shop, as much as I wish and never even cares to carry those shopping bags carefully back home.’
  1. ‘He treats me so inferiorly, that I started dating his bestie.’

Honest confessions – very well, I rather call them complaints and self-justifications, rather than honest and bold confessions. And this is just because I feel in true love we never get a chance of even thinking of another person. So, if you are thinking of someone else, for god sake stop calling it a serious relationship or true love.

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