Student Life Is Difficult Or Fun, But Never This!


The best days of our life are the school days.

Hope you agree with me here.

Everyone in our country who has been fortunate enough to get an education will vouch for this fact that our best memories are from childhood, from our student days. No matter how much money we earn later in life or what kind of success we achieve, those carefree days of being a student were the best!

However, times have changed drastically and the whole education scenario in the country has undergone an unpleasant change.

Some people might think that I’m living in the past and comparing today’s student life with my time, but no, I’m not making any comparisons.

Let me explain to you through these relevant pointers.

Loss of Earthy Times

Earlier, there used to be pressure of exams of making a career, of standing on your feet and every family wanted their kids to become doctors and engineers. However, despite that the kids had fun in their lives. Studies are always difficult for most children, but along with that kids enjoyed their lives. After coming back from school, most kids used to do their homework or used to take a short nap. Evening time was fixed for playing ‘outside’ their homes till it became dark. By the time children used to come back home, they were tired enough and it was time to finish pending homework, have dinner and go off to sleep! Simple and fun-filled life along with the regular stress of studies, which is present even today!

Now a student’s life is BORING! More than being difficult or fun, it is plain boring and kind of disturbing as well.

Nowadays, kids come back from school and before they can finish their lunch, their tuitions begin! Tuitions after tuitions take up their evening playing time and then there are some extracurricular classes to attend to! By the time they are done with all these activities to be successful in life, sometime in future, their present is totally messed up and their days are spent running from one place to another just to get the basic education. Of course, the competition has heated up, there are less opportunities and more supply of human capital, it still doesn’t mean that the society should focus on turning out robots after robots instead of young human beings who can actually live a successful life, contributing positively to the society as well as nation. These human-robots are not going to be mentally secure, their emotions wouldn’t have been nurtured the way they should be since childhood, their insecurities and fears will not be able to cope up with life.

Robotics and Digitisation Taking Over

Children who are being brought up with a steady dose of computer games, smart-phone chats, and an environment of fun only inside enclosures to safeguard them from life’s struggles can never become sorted and evolved human beings. Life is lived in the open, facing the roughness of the world, fighting the battles of the inner mind and soul and all this can be achieved when we enjoy and have fun in the most natural environment. The technicalities of achieving knowledge and education can never cover up for the real fun a child can have while being one with nature.

I’m just hoping there will be an overhaul in our education system to make sensible and interesting human beings out of children instead of boring human-robots whose ideas of fun might only be playing a video-game or dozing off while surfing internet!

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