Twenty Guaranteed Signs He Likes You And Is Falling Flat For You !

Signs that he likes you

Signs that he likes you – Having a crush in office Or in your college? Or you have feelings for him! Finding it really difficult to make it out if he likes you are not?

Well, no more struggle. Because, here are some signs that reveal if your guy has fallen for you and has got real feelings for you. Don’t waste any time. Check them out now.

The very basic thing that shows if he likes is his body language.

Carefully set out to observe his body language when he is around. Trust me, you will surely observe the few things about his body language like the nervous moves while you are around, trying to be like he doesn’t know you are around etc. Watch them out carefully honey and yes without he understanding your moves
Now you may wonder what the other signs are!

Signs that he likes you – Take a look ahead.

1 – Eyes do speak
So, you got to watch out carefully what they speak.

2 – Remember
every detail that you have shared with him
This could just make you go aww!! It’s never a pain for him to remember, but he loves to do so.

3 – Loves to know more and more about you!
Mmm, maybe from mutual friends that you guys share.

4 – Calls you with a sweetest nick name you ever had

Who can call you with sweet nick names?! Ones those are close to the heart right! Now understand 😉

5 – He does an extra grooming you see
  He loves to look good and so grooms himself even more better.

6 – Asks you out your contact number
To stay in touch the best way is over the phone or through social media.

7 – You top his priority list
Whatsoever it maybe, he loves to prioritize you over everyone. I know you might already started to feel special.

8 – He pays your bill
He loves to get you anything that you love. And so he pays your bills.

9 – He smiles a lot at you
  What exactly does that mean?! That he enjoys your company or that he gets happy looking at you.

10 – Speaks up frankly
Like do you have a boyfriend? Or hitting on someone?! Something like that.

11 – He gets jealous or maybe possessive
He gets really protective and jealous at times too.

12 – Compliments you reasonably
Not flirting but he gives out real and reasonable compliments whenever necessary.

13 – Crazy to make up a conversation with you
He always craves to make be in touch and make a conversation with you all the time.

14 – Celebrates every occasion and makes it special in fact
He makes your birthdays and other important days and ocassions really special.

15 – Teases you in most enjoyable manner
Loves pulling your leg.

16 – He does the soft touching
At times his soft and sensitive touch speaks a lot.

17 – Gets close
He get attached to you, in fact gets really close.

18 – Date plans
He plans out romantic date plans with you.

19 – Loves spending all his time with you
All the time that he has got is invested on you. Nothing on earth will make him happier than that.

20 – Scans you top to the bottom

Yes men do that if he is regularly scanning your body he is fantasizing and falling for you.

These are the signs that he likes you – These are some signs that show you that your guy likes you. Watch them out. Also note that he speaks his heart out when he has some serious plans.

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