Train That Takes To American Beautiful Vineyards Is A Treat For Wine Lovers

Northern California railroad track – Wine and wide yards!! Here is something we got for you. Yes, for you! Especially for all those crazy wine lovers.

A train that takes to the beautiful, finest wineries with really good food offered by the gourmet.

Now you must be really surprised and excited to know more about this train that takes you from Napa to St.Helena, serving you real wine and some lip smacking food instantly prepared by the chefs on board. What more can someone want for a weekend.

I’ll not let you wait more; here is that beautiful train that takes you to places.

Northern California railroad track, that takes you from Napa to St. Helenato the finest vineries. Built in 1864, but got to be a wine train only in 1989.

I know, by now you might be thanking that person’s idea, that made a simple train into a wine train 😉 Aren’t you!

The train starts from St. Helena, on the so called ‘Napa Valley Wine Tours’. The train’s on board serves the passengers super fine and classiest wine ever with some gourmet multi-course meals throughout the travel.

Ah! What could be nicer than this –travel with your loved ones through some really beautiful landscapes with wine and food. Lovely it is. Really!

Now you might be wondering what kind of food is being served on board! And even think of the bad food that you once had on a flight. Nothing that is that terrible can you find here.

Northern California railroad track train has a menu that covers a large variety of food that that includes heirloom tomato, brown butter searedcornbread, lemon ricotta ravioli and wine servings.

Glad that I could find out some of the favourite foods on the menu card.

Don’t worry, you can never be served stale or bad food.

Because, we got three onboard kitchens that have super chefs preparing the lip smacking food. Happy, that we wont be served bad food throughout the journey. Yes of course with super-fine wine.

What are you now thinking about!? Got you. Worried about how much this wine trip costs?! Is that all on your mind?

Well, the trip costs about $146 per person and the entire journey lasts for about three to six hours. Which, means absolute fun and bliss 😉

Now, I am all set for the travel in Northern California railroad track. How about you! 😉 Time, for ‘Napa Valley Wine Tour’.

Northern California railroad track

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