Is It Okay To Have A *Crush* When You’re Committed? Read This!

Crush When You’re Committed – It happens, isn’t it?

You know, you end up having crush on somebody else even though you’re in a relationship. So does that mean you’re cheating? Many wants to know whether it is cheating or not. The thing is, it is okay to have a crush on someone, even when you’re happily committed to somebody else. Tinykek on Reddit says, “Crushes aren’t bad and it happens to most of us. Many of us are even able to love more than just one person. Nothing wrong about that, it’s completely natural. You are aware of your feelings and obviously care about your closed relationship. You have no reason to feel bad.”

Here’s the thing – Just because you’re in a lovely relationship, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never find a certain person attractive. I mean, no matter where you are, it is possible that you see someone & you say “Oh, this person is so, so gorgeous.” Or even in your office, you might get a crush on your colleague. It isn’t a crime. Just remember, that it’s important to set certain boundaries there.

For e.g. you’ve a crush on someone who works with you. Now you should be careful as in how to behave & how to handle that “crush thing”, so that you also respect the person you’re committed too. The thing is, while having a crush on someone, in the presence of them, you should know how NOT to take things further. IF you do, then that’s cheating.

What happens is, many people cannot stop flirting with their crush. This is completely a bad sign and you should learn to control yourself. It is obvious that you’re committed to someone because they make you happy. So spend time with them, FLIRT with them and most importantly, love them the way they deserve it.

Most importantly, you should know that a crush is just a crush. Once you cross the line, there’s danger on the opposite side & your SO will obviously get hurt, which I assume you don’t want. IF you think that you’ve developed something more for your crush, then you should talk to someone about it. IF not, then it’s okay as crushes are normal.

There are many relationships where couples admit that even though they’re together, they have crushes on other people. The best thing is, when your SO is completely aware about it. Some couples believe in talking about it with a friendly nature. Silentxem on Reddit says, “It’s a wonderful feeling when your SO says “Go for it!” or “Oh yeah, they’re really cute!” when you tell them you like someone. Makes you feel so loved.”

Some couples take risk.

Dirtylittleredditor shared a piece that everyone should certainly read, “As long as you do the right thing for your relationship and don’t cross any of boundaries I would say talk to if you want, or use it as a learning experience and let it go. If you feel like you’ve crossed a boundary and feel like you need to tell that person, do that!”

Crush When You’re Committed- Do you have a crush on someone even though you’re committed? How does that FEEL? Let us know in the comment section below.

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