Sharing Sexual Secrets With Friends Can Lead To This! Are You Ready?


Friends are our second family after our real family!

The best buddies, the partners in crime, the emotional pillow to snuggle on in times of need and what not! However, only a few friendships survive the test of time and most wither away due to circumstances, personal priorities and unavoidable situations of life.

Can you trust them?

Yes you can, but for how long and how many of them, no one can say! That is why even in friendships, there should be a line drawn when it comes to sharing your intimate details. These details, especially of a sexual nature may initially sound fun or totally harmless, but in the long run they might turn to be your worst nightmares.

Let me explain, in detail, the pitfalls of sharing your sexual secrets with your friends:

1) You Become An Easy Gossip Target

Unless it is your very close friend or buddy, and sometimes not even them, sharing your sexual life is only going to become part of the gossip machine! Sex is something that is still taboo in our country and for good or bad, it is still one of the most talked about things even if in hush-hush tones. To avoid being the centre of attraction for what you did inside a closed room, it is better to leave it there only!

2) You Are Providing Object Of Fun Served On The Plate

Not all your friends are going to help you with suggestions about how to improve your sex-life or solve your sex-related issues, but for sure it is going to be a topic of immense interest for them. No wonder, you’ll soon be an object of fun behind your back for people in your circle and even outside! You never know, they would start sharing dirty jokes with your name on them.

3) Ridiculed For Something That The Whole World Does

Opening about your sexual activities also makes you an easy target of fun and ridicule. Not only it does a character assassination, it also paints a biased and distorted image of you in front of the whole world. Sex, instead of becoming an act of pleasure, becomes a torture when you’re being targeted for something that everyone does, but hardly share!

4) Blackmail Comes Easy Your Way

This is true especially for girls who trust their friends way too much by sharing intimate and explicit details about their sex life, just to boast about it or to get an opinion. Such friends might take advantage by blackmailing about leaking that information or any texts or pictures that you may have shared. The social stigma associated with it is very hard to ignore or to live with given how the society functions in our country. It may be an orthodox way of thinking, but one can’t change the thinking of an entire society overnight, so it is better to mend your own ways!

5) Job Hazards

Your friends at work or otherwise who are privy to such intimate details, might use is against you. Also, if employers come to know of this, it can adversely affect your job, as the employers may not trust you with keeping secrets. Also, with the advancement in technology, whatever you text or share online, will always remain available for those trying to access it! Nothing is deleted permanently, ever!

6) Your Social Standing Is Affected Adversly

Societal pressures can make it difficult not only for you, but also for your family as well. Unless you and your entire family is immune to such things, and that is a big exception, such secrets coming out in public can literally cause a lot of embarrassment and have an impact on your relations in and out of the family.

Having sex related discussions are harmless, but when it comes to sharing your sex-life, it is advisable to be very careful!

Why to spoil the fun and make sex difficult?

Keep it to yourself and your partner!

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