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When you are sad and nothing seems to be going right, the best way to fight it out and feel better is to connect with yourself.


A recent study revealed that whenever you are sad or depressed, the best way to come out of the gloominess is to connect with your own self. While we may wonder that it is quite understood and there was no need of spending time and money on researching on it, how many of us actually follow it?

Things were very different a decade ago. We weren’t hooked to the net like we are today. Facebook didn’t exist. Many of us didn’t have mobiles, leave alone smartphones. So we actually had a lot of time for important things in life like spending time with family, talking to the near and dear ones, meeting friends often, playing something or just simply giving time to our own selves.

I remember when I used to stay with my parents, and I didn’t have a Facebook profile and neither a smartphone, I would religiously take out one hour from my days schedule just for myself. And I would go for a walk in the evening, sit in my balcony with a cup of tea or just be in my room with my thoughts. It made a lot of difference to how emotionally charged up and satisfied I was with myself.

There were problems and everyday had its share of sunshine and darkness. But no matter how big the issue was or how low and depressed I was feeling because of it, connecting with my inner self and realising my emotions and actions was the best remedy to ease out the predicament. I never ran away from myself because it was the worst I could do to tackle the problem.

These days we try to find solace in all the wrong things and ignore doing what is actually needed to be done. We get to know what is happening in the lives of the people around us through their fb statuses and twitter updates. And they get to know about us the same way. Whatever happens to us or around us – good or bad – the first action is to exclaim our thoughts or reactions on Facebook or tweet. Though social media is a great platform to connect with the people across continents, when you are going through a rough phase in life and there is a conflict of emotions happening within you, the best possible way to feel better is to introspect and chat up with yourself. Which, sadly, we hardly do these days.

While talking to close friends always helps, it is more important to connect with yourself because no one knows and no one should know you better than you. Letting your heart out in front of a friend should be the second step, but first you need to talk to your inner self and analyse the situation and your true feelings. No matter how upfront you are in life and how openly you talk to people about your thoughts, there is always a hidden side to you, which you don’t want the world to see. And if you actually want to get down to the root of any problem and deal with your emotions, you have to talk to yourself as there will be nothing to hide and no fear of losing anything, just true conversation.

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