Now You Can Rent A Girlfriend Or A Boyfriend In India

Rent a girlfriend or a boyfriend

Rent a girlfriend or a boyfriend – I am sure you all must be just familiar with renting cars, bikes and a person as a care-taker for little babies and old people.

But the renting system didn’t confine itself to just cars, bikes or care-takers. It took a step ahead and provided services that could allow people to hire boyfriend or girlfriend as per their choice.

Yes, you read it absolutely right. Here we got you the bizarre trend that took of even in a country like India.

A US based internet company has come up with this idea you can rent a girlfriend or a boyfriend @ 6.50 dollar per hour. Well, this seems to be a costly affair, too.

What more! It says that this is an innovative platform in meeting new people. It allows to hire and lets you be at your favourite places like movie, coffee shop and various other dos that have common interest in both the partners.

You can also be a part of various sports and games along with the partner that you have hired – facilitating in learning new ideology from each other.

This website currently is having about 2000 members continues to extend its services in providing with boyfriend or girlfriend.

They were a lot of people that actually doubted about the application of this idea in India and also people’s liking towards this bizarre idea. Like doubted, not many liked this idea in the country of India. Many say this to be a reason for the amount of comfort levels that almost everyone prefer.

They were many who even said that the most important aspect of any relation is being their for each other – misses in this concept of hiring. So, many point out this to be of no use and senseless one.

So, this is one bizarre trend that came all the way into the country of India that involved, you can rent a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Lol, this bizarre trend is not the one for a country like India, where people look for relationships that work out for a long run.

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