Big ‘˜LIKES’ and Video Messages For Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger update now allows users to send ‘˜Big Likes’ and also 115 seconds video to their friends. Now this really sounds cool; isn’t it?

How many times have you felt that just a mere ‘Like’ doesn’t do justice to a post? 

Well, keeping that in view, the latest Facebook update allows users to mark your fun and likeness of a post or message more emphatically and holding a ‘Like’ button to imply a ‘Big Like’.   

Besides, the new Facebook Messenger update, both for iOS and Android depending on which platform you are on, also adds in-line video clips to help you shoot a moving picture message without leaving the app.  

In the world of Instant Messaging (IM) there is a growing demand and use of various types of IM apps; to the extent that IM apps are in the verge of replacing SMS text messages. There are indeed a lot of reasons that can be attributed to this phenomenon. Firstly, with IM apps you can send various types of content – pictures, videos, and texts – thanks to its versatility. And secondly, the IM apps are cheaper compared to SMSs. With SMS you have to pay for each message you sent, and the charge also varies with the type of content you are sending; whereas, the only cost for using IM apps is the price of your Internet data plan/allowance. And you can strike gold, if you are connected to the Wi-Fi, where every message is free. 

The social networking giant, Facebook, has already shown the world how seriously it takes messages, by acquiring WhatsApp (an IM app) with a whooping price of $19 billion – the largest buy out in Facebook’s history. Some of the other popular messaging apps include WeChat, Viber, and Skype and also apps developed into phones such as Samsung’s ChatOn and Apple’s iMessage. 

With the new Facebook Messenger update, which is already available to its users, allows you to capture a short video to send to your friend. Previously you could send images or videos that were saved on your phone gallery already; but with the new update you can take a instant picture or video while being logged in and share it with your pals – send it the moment you decide on it. The length of the videos is 115 seconds which is same as the length of videos on Instagram, also owned by Facebook. Apart from that, you can also see that Apple’s iMessage service will add audio and video messages coming autumn, when iPad and iPhone’s iOS software updates to iOS 8. 


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