These 5 Statements By Shah Rukh Khan Prove That He Is A Strict Father !

Shah Rukh Khan as a father

Shah Rukh Khan as a father – Shah Rukh Khan often called as “King Khan” of the Bollywood film freternity is a gem of a person as revealed by people close to him.

He is a proud father of 3 children namely Aryan, Suhana and AbRam which makes him a complete family man.

Though he is a global celebrity, he doesn’t really forget that he is a simple, ordinary father for his children and is also possessive and careful about them just like any other father in world. He keeps them on the first priority but above all that he wants to make  them good human beings as a whole.

He puts-in every effort to accomplish that. Daddys are more likely to be a bit strict but this man handles his kids with care. But not to forget the daddy traits he is really strict at times and we have a proof for that.

Here are some of the things that SRK revealed in relation to his children and they unleash a completely opposite side of him – Shah Rukh Khan as a father. So, here we go:

Shah Rukh Khan as a father –

  1. “I am going to cut Aryan’s lips if he tries to kiss a girl at this age”: Yes, just like any other father would react on the question of his teenage son kissing a girl SRK also had the strict father reply when asked about the same. One thing is for sure that SRK does take family ethics and morals really seriously.
  1. “I’ll cut Suhana’s legs if she tries to date someone now”: He is also a possessive father for his only daughter. SRK is very careful and emotionally fragile when it comes to his daughter. Not that these things about star-kids make sensational news way too soon that is why he said that, it’s just that he is really ordinary when it comes to his girl.
  1. “I won’t spoil my kids beyond needed”: One thing that he has made pretty clear is that he will definitely give all the luxuries to his children but he will never let the money, luxuries and facilities go upto their heads. He wants them to be grounded and not have the rich-attitude sort of thing because they have to go a long way and these things are sure to tamper their growth.
  1. “They should know how to behave in front of the media”: SRK is one of the most famous personalities in India and so is his family. His kids have eventually become the part of the stardust limelight too and he knows after so many years of being amongst all this that it’s very important to behave politely and kindly in front of the media people. He ensures that his kids behave well with the media personals as they indeed help to build up their image.
  1. “I want them to work hard and make a successful career”: He has given everything to his children as he is also one of the richest men in India but he ensures that they know the value of that hard-earned money. He wants his children to behave like ordinary children of their age. He wants them to work hard for their career and eventually become successful in their particular field.

This is Shah Rukh Khan as a father – Well, these are one of the most genuine sentences ever picked from Shah Rukh Khan’s speech regarding his children and it definitely makes sense. There’s a hidden ‘human being’ in every celebrity that you see and their concerns are quite ordinary.

SRK indeed, proved to be the best example which fits-in here. Isn’t it?

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