These Are The Reasons You Haven’t Found Love Yet

Reasons you didn't find love

Reasons you didn’t find love  – There are some people who enjoy their solitude, being single helps you promote your personal growth but the sting of the lonely moments is too difficult to bear.

The inner workings of the heart are boosted when you let down your walls and devote yourself to someone. Most people don’t feel like staying single forever and covet for a partner to share our lives with but we strive to attain these things in the wrong ways thereby wrecking our mental peace. But still, being single is not a cure for the situation, because being in a relationship teaches you many things, helps you take a personal inventory in different ways.

So, if you have been looking forward to be loved too but have miserably failed to find love, may be these are the reasons you didn’t find love .

Reasons you didn’t find love –

You are way too needy:

If you seem like you are too needy, you will end up losing the man you want.

Don’t land in a relationship to fill the emotional void. You perhaps need to no male validation to lead your life. Men will run away from a woman who perceives him as an opportunity to feel good about her and fill up that vacuum. Work on your relationship with yourself that is to say, feeling your best or looking your best. That way you can’t keep men away.

You are too choosy:

Most women lack the character to find out what they truly deserve, they would settle for anything less than their dream man out of desperation. On the other hand, most women will steer clear of men who fail to impress her in the first date and grow a natural aversion towards guys. They imperceptibly become too choosy and they lose out on guys with amazing qualities in that bargain. While it’s okay to have standards but you also need to be flexible sometimes.

You need to work more on yourself:
Love only comes to people who deserve it, who has worked for it and especially worked on herself. You need to value yourself to get someone to treat you well. Don’t always raise the resistance barrier against guys in the belief that they will leave you or hurt your feelings. You need to be in the right foot emotionally to attract a guy who is stable, confident and healthy.

You want guys who don’t like you:

You need to know what your heart wants other than going into relentless pursuits. Apparently, the guy who appears charming, charismatic, confident and fun may have a heart cold as ice beneath. He may have major commitment issues too. Emotionally unavailable guys look appealing but they bring pain to you. So instead of trying to be his emotional healer, you rather need to settle for that guy who gives you euphoria.

You are afraid of rejection:

Everyone has his own personal interests, desires and feelings so if someone chooses someone else over you, you should not let your self-esteem drain. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, someone out there is craving for what you have. Wait for the right person.

These are the reasons you didn’t find love  – Give yourself some room to understand your emotions, spend some time alone you will be at peace with yourself. Probably you will then be ready for love.

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