This Is The REAL Reason Why Akshaye Khanna Is Still Unmarried!

Reason Why Akshaye Khanna Is Unmarried

Reason Why Akshaye Khanna Is Unmarried – Undoubtedly, Akshaye Khanna is a talented actor in our Bollywood industry. You can’t deny the fact that Akshaye Khanna has given some brilliant performances in the history of Bollywood movies.

He might not be someone who is present in the limelight all the time. But, whenever it’s time to come out professionally, he is always there to steal the light. Currently, he is busy promoting his upcoming movie “MOM” opposite his co-stars Sridevi and Nawazuddin Siddique. He recently opened up that not working in movies was a torturous phase in his life. But, now that he is back in action, he is all-set to give another outstanding performance.

On personal front, we all know that Akshaye Khanna is 42 years old and is still unmarried, right? So, there’s always a question that revolves around him and i.e. “Why are you still unmarried? Are you secretly dating anyone? The question about his personal life keeps coming up whenever he is in the media.

In an interview, he was asked about the same thing i.e. marriage and he was very quick to reply. Here’s what he said “I’m not getting married. I don’t plan to. I’m not cut out for it. My “aloneness” is extremely valuable to me. I know that I’m an oddball given that today 90% of all human beings are extremely social and I, for one, am a part of profession which is not perceived to be for introverts, but I enjoy my personal space.”

In short, Akshaye Khanna is very much happy to be alone.

Even earlier Akshaye Khanna was asked about his bachelor tag and then he replied saying “The answer is freedom, freedom and only freedom.” I have no interest in getting married and I will never get married. I think I’m not answerable to anyone. I neither like to reply to anyone nor do I like to enquire anyone.”

So it seems that Akshaye Khanna is very much happy being single right now in life.

This was all about the reason why Akshaye Khanna is unmarried. 

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