5 Hilarious Reasons Why Poop-talking With Your Boyfriend is Romantic

Poop talking

Poop talking – Hey, don’t make a face there! I know it sounds rather gross to you, the very thought of it. Drawing from some personal experiences, apparently a guy starts to impress us by his intellect, love for music, literature and compassion but the moment he cracks a shit-joke, we turn off.

That’s the case for almost all ladies out there but wait, poop talking can drop hint at your zenith comfort level with your boyfriend given you are in a long-term committed relationship. Studies say, the couples that poop-talk together, stay together. Poop talking is revealing the real and human self of your to your partner.

Poop talking is the new idea of being romantic and here are the reasons why:

1. This is the most natural thing:

When you know your heart belongs to the significant other and you are going to share your lives, then talking about the most natural thing about on the Earth is not ridiculous, forget embarrassing. The no-holds-barred relationships seem to prosper longer.

2. You can’t hold it in:

There are times you may have to answer the nature’s call at once, no other way around. Perhaps you are out on a date with your man and you feel that urgency, so what are you going to do? Of course tell him that you need to, you have to.

3. Ideally, you can’t hold back a fart too:

While men are pretty brazen about it, women wear a sophisticated air and try to hide it by coughing or acting weird. That’s not how you should do it because you may not be as attentive the other day and it may happen instinctively thereby leaving you horridly embarrassed. So why not talk about it clearly?

4. Things become mandatory when you move-in together:

Come on, face it. You have to do your routine work, sometimes even fight over the toilet when you have a rush. Also, you should be generous and considerate about each other’s stink too after leaving the toilet. Not every time a bathroom freshener will come to your rescue so why not come clean breast of this natural thing?

5. What’s in a relationship without being awkward?

Awkward has to be there so that you face challenges and grow. Dodging the subject will lead things astray. You need to bring it up casually, it may seem weird and strange for the first time but once you get accustomed to it, the relationship will go to another level, take it from us.

Poop talking – These are the honest and open situations you need to face when you are planning to settle down with the man. So, break the barrier and violate the rulebook of how to behave like a woman, be a real stuff.

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