The Excuses Girls Use When They Don’t Want To Get Committed

Excuses girls use to avoid commitment

It is not wrong to say that many girls have a commitment phobia.

They might be in love with you but the moment a commitment question pops up; all they do is take a step back.

Even though it has been a long time lovey-dovey so-called friendly relationship; some girls aren’t prepared to get committed because for ‘em it is nothing less than risk-taking.

Here are some of the excuses girls use which are quite surprising at times and also funny:-

Check out the excuses girls use to avoid commitment:-

  1. We need to know each other

Even if you’ve crossed years of a wonderful friendship where you almost know each other completely; the commitment phobic girl will deny it. She will be like- “I think we need to understand each other completely”…

  1. I can’t forget my past

This one is the easiest one to throw at a guy because honestly this shows a red flag then & there. To be frank; the truth is she completely likes you but the past is just an excuse.

  1. I don’t think I’m good enough for you

The blame’s on me! When nothing seems excuse-worthy; many girls chose blaming ‘em to run away from the commitment.

  1. I don’t want a relationship tag

C’mon! A relationship is not a tag. Actually for ‘em it falls under the category of indirectly saying that I don’t want a serious relationship at-least for now.

  1. I want you to be a better person first

No matter if she has told you like for 100 times that “You’re a good person and stuff”- Right when the commitment pops up she’ll be like “I want you to be a better person so I can introduce you to my parents directly…”

  1. But, nothing will remain the same

This is the most childish & an absolute wrong excuse that many girls use. Nothing will remain the same- Guys, she is not taking about the intimacy but in reality it is all about the commitment tag that she will face.

  1. Right now I just need a space for myself

Many girls ask for space over a commitment. Agree?  Well, it doesn’t mean that you’ve stolen the freedom & whatsoever but it’s just a normal excuse.

  1. I fear you will get bored of me

When you 100% know that she is not a boring person but still she somehow tries to convince you then it proves that she is actually running from a commitment.

 What are your thoughts on these excuses girls use to avoid commitment? Let us know in comments below.

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