13 People Revealed Why They Decided To Stay In An Abusive Relationship!

People In Abusive Relationship

People In Abusive Relationship – It is not a secret that even today; many people decide to stay in a relationship that’s abusive. They decide not to leave a relationship because they’re blindly in love with their partner and they think that their partner will change. Plus, some stay because they feel they can’t go anywhere and no one will accept them.

There are many people who ditch their abusive relationship and decide to live a LIFE that doesn’t include any abuse. On the other end, there are some who decide to stay, no matter what happens.

On Reddit, there are many who revealed why they decided to stay in an abusive relationship.

People In Abusive Relationship – 

  1. I stayed because I felt stuck. She was abusive in every way. And said she would tell the cops I abuse her. Show up at my house etc. Stalk my grandpa (who was sick with cancer) and things. I felt like I just had to stay in to prevent anything from blowing up.
  2. Because I was sticking through my promises.
  3. Because I was afraid of being alone. I thought I was happier with him and didn’t realize that I was slowly spiraling into a toxic relationship.
  4. Because I was terrified of becoming homeless.
  5. I needed the money.
  6. I didn’t think I was good enough for anyone else. I felt lucky to have him, even if he was very harsh with me, I figured I had to be grateful that he wanted me.
  7. I stayed for awhile because I was drugged out and convinced I was in love with him, I knew in the back of my mind that what he was doing wasn’t normal but I stuck with him for awhile until he went too far and I wanted to live without constantly being afraid.
  8. I stayed with him because we were engaged and I thought he wanted to get married for the same reasons that I did but that wasn’t the case.
  9. I stayed with him because I thought it was what I was supposed to do since I was in love with him. Later, we broke up and got back together many times. Finally I decided I was done.
  10. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and stayed several years. I kept pushing for him to get treatment, go to therapy, see a psychiatrist and he refused, until he realized that his problems were hurting his ability to work. He was diagnosed with a mental illness and started taking medication. He was completely transformed, became sweet, loving, and supportive. Until he stopped seeing a therapist. Medication alone is helpful only to some degree. Some of his abusive qualities returned and I realized that this is something I would have to live with for the rest of my life if I stay. So I left.
  11. It’s been my experience that people rarely change, and it usually requires a profound life-altering event for it to happen.
  12. Because she was really attractive.
  13. Fear of change.

People In Abusive Relationship – No one deserves to stay in an abusive relationship. Whether you’re a male or a female, abusive relationship where your partner keeps on hurting you and treats you like nothing, is something that should be left behind. Would you like to add some points on “why a person shouldn’t stay in an abusive relationship?”

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