Female Redditors Shared Their Catcall Stories And It Explains Why Catcalling Should Be Stopped!

Catcall Stories

Catcall Stories –

Catcall?! – It is a shrill whistle or shout of disapproval made at a public meeting or performance.

I’m quite sure that many women must’ve experienced catcalling at-least once in their life.

To be honest, guys who catcall girls thinking that they’ll like it, must understand that it’s really a disturbing thing to do. It is ridiculous how a girl walking on street is called beautiful and then when she doesn’t respond, her ass is been catcalled with disgusting words.

So, this is a straight up note to those guys who catcall woman thinking that girls like the invitation or it’s a good way of showcasing power etc etc.

Well, women on Reddit shared their story about catcalling, and I want “men” to know how women actually feel when they are being catcalled. I hope that these answers will give you a brain to ditch that catcall habit.

Catcall Stories – For men who are expert in it, read this.

  • It’s pretty uncomfortable. Especially when it’s a situation where there aren’t many other people around. It’s easy to ignore when it’s a public place and there are lots of people around. But sometimes it’s a situation where the cat calling turns into them sort of following you or continue to talk and when you’re alone and not many people out and about, it can definitely be scary.
  • That type of thing has happened to me. I was once followed for several blocks by a guy in a car who just kept yelling at me. I was scared shitless, I ran down the first one-way side street I came across to get away from him. He was laughing but I seriously thought he was going to drag me into his car and I’d turn up dead in a dumpster.
  • Being catcalled when you’re just a kid is terrifying.

I was a freshman or sophomore in high school going for a run and a man rolled down his window and said how he wanted to eat my… well you know. Very vivid and vulgar. I was 15 maybe. On a run. And I’m a baby faced kid (I was given kids menus well into my senior year, I’ve been carded in countries where drinking age is 18).

I didn’t know what to do. I ran as fast as I could home and just cried.

  • I live near a halfway sort of house that has very marginal men living there. I hate working in the front yard because of them. I don’t want to interact with them. Every time one says anything I wonder what to do. If I ignore them will they say the reason they raped and killed me was because I was a hostile bitch? If I say hello will they say they raped and killed me because I was friendly and wanted it? I like to wear headphones and pretend I did not hear them. Even so I’ve had ones refuse to leave, peek in the windows and leave love notes and (from my garden) flowers on the door step. It scares me to death. I spend very little time in the front yard, deactivated my doorbell and never answer the door. If my friends want to see me they call and say they are outside.
  • It’s disgusting. The people who do it have no respect or decency. If you respond in anyway, they become dangerous; they will threaten you and sometimes even follow. I’ve had people nearly run me off the road in my car and on my motorcycle.

Catcall Stories – So, all the men out there who think that they can cat-call women, I hope you understand that it really breaks someone’s heart by scaring the shit out of them. So avoid doing it.

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