Twenty Hilarious And Cheesy Pickup Lines That Will Make Your Crush Blush, We Bet!!

Cheesy pickup lines

Cheesy pickup lines – Boys from ages have been using the funniest, coolest and the weirdest pickup lines too to flirt their crush.

The Cheesy pickup lines showcase what you feel for your crush and making them skip a heart beat for you. Trust me, the best way.

It is always a lovely sightseeing your crush blushing. What if you be their reason for blushing?! Well, you can do it with some pickup lines.

Hilarious and cheesy pickup lines –

  1. I dint know how angels looked until I saw you.

 Hehe! Sound’s great this will make your crush go all PINK! 

  1. It’s not ‘see you tomorrow’. It is ‘see you soon’ because I’ll meet you in my dreams. 

Your crush will fall for you we bet! 

  1. Seems like I need to see a doctor as my heart stops beating as soon as I see you! 

Romantic isn’t it? 

  1. Spoil me with your sweetness and love. 

Great way to ask for pampering 

  1. I never wanted to be a superman, But I wanna be ‘YOURMAN.’ 

Indirect proposal! 

  1. Call the police someone! This person is stealing my heart. 

Haha will make her/him go gaga! 

  1. Does your legs hurt for always running in my mind. 

Great way to say you are falling for him/her! 

  1. Um is it the sun that is smiling!? 

This will leave her smiling!

  1. Cupid on his ways with more arrows. This time he’d stuck you too. 

Indirectly you can ask her to be your valentine 

  1. I am not a good kisser. Would you teach me 😉

If you love her this will work wonders 

  1. Ah, you are a human magnet that keeps attracting me. 

To tell you are attracted like crazy 

  1. Can we take a selfie, so that I prove all my friends that angels exist! 

No girl  can say no 

  1. It was quite a bad start for my day all this while, you are here it just got brighter. 

To tell you made my day

  1. My favourite place would be right next to you for this life. Will it be mine, forever?! 

Ohh girl ur mine! 

  1. I am sure you have some glorious fire inside you.

To say you are hot 

  1. Apart from making me fall for you, what do you do?! 


  1. You are a dictionary that is adding meaning to my life. 

To convey she added colour to your colourless life

  1. I know you have a boyfriend. But I am here to be your husband for life. 


  1. Can I follow you?! Because I remember my teacher saying ‘follow your heart.’ 

Too cheesy 

  1. You are the reason for my life. 

To say how special the person is!

These are cheesy pickup lines – Flirty, hilarious and cheesy pickup lines that will surely make your crush blush. We bet. After all, it is just the pickup lines that do wonders in the initial stages of your flirting sessions.

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