Hilarious Moments When PDA Goes Overboard On Social Media For Married People

Married people – Matrimonial alliance (do I sound ancient?) is one of the best experiences in people’s lives.

Be it a love marriage or an arranged marriage, couples of the modern day love to flaunt their ‘love’, thanks to the social media platforms.

I’m pretty sure even you would understand my predicament when I say that couples’ posting of lovey-dovey pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatnot has become annoying or fascinating, depending on the mindset you are in while browsing your newsfeed.

You, too, must have a married friend or a married relative, married people, who engages in this preposterous act on different social media platforms.

If not, get acquainted to these facts and it will be downright maddening when you experience it –

Firstly, it’s the obvious one wherein the couple changes its marital status. So, they update their relationship status from “single” to “married”, which is further displayed on your newsfeed (…for both individuals).


After a week or so, you will find over 200 images from their wedding showing up on your newsfeed. 200 for some, is a lesser number. Good luck browsing through them.


Maybe they perceive it as someone might miss watching all the pictures. If you are one of these persons then behold…they will tag you. You will then be forced to either “Like” the pictures or worse, “Comment” on them.


Hashtags is another nuisance that they engage in while writing Facebook status. Words like love, wife, husband, honeymoon and many others will be preceded by the “#”. Their status will make no sense whatsoever.


Married people – They will also post numerous selfies, in addition to pictures of food and wine that they consume in every restaurant they visit on Saturdays.


Sometime down the line, you will find vague statuses that go “One Month to Go J” If you have kept a tab on their wedding date, you will know it is one month till their anniversary.


Married people, on their wedding anniversary, their status will comprise a new vow and how they have enjoyed every minute over the last year in the companionship of their spouse. This will be accompanied by repost of their wedding pictures. Only this time, the number of pictures will be less…say, 150.


You would also be subject to reading soppy messages on their wall, which are actually lame conversations. “I love you”, “No. I love you more”, “awwww”… Here’s my message to the happy couple, “STFU”!!


Partner name tattoos is another major practice for many modern day couples. Inking their skin with the name of their better half! As if marrying one another was not enough to display your love and commitment.


After such annoyances, if you are still friends with them, you will often find passive-aggressive digs that they take on one another. ‘Umm…Please keep your marital problems restricted to your home’.


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