10 Funny Matrimonial Ads That Will Leave You In Splits

Funny matrimonial ads

Funny matrimonial ads – Marriage is an important ‘ritual’ in our society. And a fair bride is even more important. Unlike the west where couples meet, date, fall in love and walk down the aisle. In our culture, the couple first ties the knot and then falls in love (if at all).

So it’s no wonder that we have plenty of funny matrimonial ads that will leave you in splits. We bring to you ten of the best from our lot…Read on!

Funny matrimonial ads –

#1: “Require girl for marriage she should be very pretty very sleem and have one brother one sister.”

Don’t know why he specifically wants one brother and one sister…hmm. We are confused too!

#2: “i am very handsome and pretty I want marry very beautiful girl who will respect my family pets etc’

You know he is for keeps when he uses ‘etc’ in the ad.

#3:I am very good cook I want girl also very good cook. Please contact me very early as i am waiting to get married.’

At least he can cook!

#4:in every part of my life only her image exists…see in your self she is with you…if you love her then every one afterter…I love pets’

Does he want a pet or a wife?!

#5: ‘I want very much enjoyment in life so i want to get marry…if you also want to enjoy please contact me’

Somebody tell him that marriage isn’t that enjoyable!

#6:Want very fair girl for immediate marrige’

Yes, sir. No time like the present.

#7: ‘I am Brahmin cast but eat all non-veg items. If you like non-veg items accept my marriage’
Please marry him before he publishes more such ads.

#8: ‘I am very much love marry and want great awesome wife thanks’

He is the man.

#9:if my mother like her then i will marry her please send all pictures to mother’

He is a mamma’s boy. Clearly.

#10: ‘I am very honest good looking boy. I want poor rich beautiful girl’
Poor, rich? Wha!

Girls, we hope you are having a good mid-week ROFL moment.

Funny matrimonial ads – But on a serious note, would you marry somebody like those mentioned above?!

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